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Update Feb 27

Boy are we growing excited over here! First of all, Josh at Green Light Recording Studios is just wrapping up his final work on MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY scene, or Segment 1 of the Audio Mix. We know this is taking forever but there were hurtles to leap from Halloween to The New year which were insurmountable for us and we had to get things stabilized financially and with some family ordeals for Dana. During that time, Josh met with Dana in his studio to go over the tracks, they conferred many many times in email concerning this job. This is a lot more complicated for him than we even anticipated, which was already pretty staggering as workload for him. Josh has no experience directly with feature films but has done many audio books and commercials. Working with video in this way is new for him and he has literally designed an entire process using several software programs and his own methodologies to deal with his obstacles in a new way. This took extra time and labor for him, with his already stacked full schedule of hip=hop albums and clients coming in from all over the USA every single week. in short, we’re seeing the work being set up for a streamlined result for the next Segments and Josh has licked 100% of the audio problems we faced on the COWBOY scene!

These are major problems, some audio engineers wouldn’t even take them on because they will only work with clean, slick ADR (dialogue recorded separately in a studio to slap on previously video’ed performance lines). We had one track for each, live and ‘wild’ sound with traffic heavily laced throughout, and some buzz, even low volume captures. This guy is nailing each and every piece of the audio up and down, twisted around and through his whole system to spic-and-span them all up to a spit-shine. We’re majorly impressed by his work, there’s only one issue to fix and then a couple minor glosses and we’re gold. That means we’ll be paying him and presenting him with the next segment to work on for a final polish. We predict this will be very fast for him by comparison- instead of months it will likely be a matter of days or a small number of weeks. This is because the audio will not be nearly so dramatic to spruce up, MUC scene had by far the biggest sound problems of the whole film to work with. Also he has his process all set up now– essentially taking ten original tracks from us and producing SIXTY separate ones to individually isolate their corrections and then sew them back together with a new form of polish. We are getting the work done right but are very concerned about time and feel we need to publish this flick as soon as humanly possible. The delays and the length of time has become an issue we feel cannot be extended much longer so we’ll be intensely active on this sound mix with all monies needed funneled into it at the appropriate time for Josh to continue working (like this week).

In other news, Bach in Socket is finally getting its video started. We’re going to begin casting for this and making the wardrobe. We have a plan to produce a Holidays version but were just swamped by so many things it became impossible, a lot of it due to financial limitations. What we’re doing now is a version with the synthesizer/electric version, not the chimes and bells. It involves a yoga model and some models, then Dana will be dressing up in his modernized version of a 1732 outfit with the white rolling hair and fluffy white scarf, those silky pantaloons and all that. It will be a fast shoot with very modest ambitions for a video, but we really need to press Bach in Socket I (which will be pressed this week actually) and it will require a promotional teaser for iTunes and other vehicles.

Look for updates about the Audio Mix! We will be presenting either the Chowder Bowl Scene or the LUMBERJACK scene for the next sound stitching.

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