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We’re wrapping up the backup and upgrade process. We’ve successfully cloud stored the most vital pieces of the film and other SCi CO properties while putting a few new hard drives into the mix on top of a new desktop. We’re on a tight budget but we’re experienced with a lot of technical help, so knew how to find the right investment for the best price on our minimal equipment needs.

The film itself is very encouraging when we’re working on it. It feels fresh and alive despite it being a while now since it was in the can. There’s definitely a lot of character and fun to the performances, it’s got some pep from the overall energy level of the characters themselves with the strange action. This film is intended to be sort of a slice of life of personalities who merge and converge together in unexpected ways, it’s not typical linear film making with plot point A to protagonist B dependencies. The juiciness of the comedy from JOHN BRANCH, KARMEN SPILLER, HAYLEY MCCURDEY, ROLLYN STAFFORD, KEVIN S. MARTIN and others is worthy of some enjoyment by the audiences at large. We’ve got something special here which we’ll be harvesting and bringing to market very very shortly. The next film SCi CO wants to do if it gets its way is KUK FU, simply because that one is coming to mind the most and it’s ‘ready’ more than any of the other projects we have ready to roll out. We’re not looking at any logistics or making plans because we’re nowhere near ready to even consider doing another picture at this point, but when working with a film in post-production it’s hard not to think about what might come next!

Work on the post-production will begin again either tonight or tomorrow at this pace. It’s been quite a lot of hours using two computers to upload all that we have, with everything up to date. Working with a differing operating system between them has also made the upgrade a bit more time consuming. Dana has got some powerful music software to use now and is going to be acquiring the web and photo software he needs. We have AVID Media Composer but since we’re not familiar with it yet, the high learning curve has stopped us from seeing if we can transfer iMovie libraries to it then use AVID to complete the picture! That’s quite possible at this point, which will speed up the process and give us a few options for transitions which would help us bolster the quality of the scene work throughout the motion picture. We’ve never pretended to be bigger or more than we are and we’re seeing the AVID leap as pretty significant because that’s the same software the industry uses for the highest grossing productions, movie and TV as well as commercials. SCi CO was recommended to hit up AVID for some new software on video editing by a man who relayed a story of how he ran into Quentin Tarantino one day onset, since the guy is a professional editor in L.A.! Coinky-doink!

We’re excited and happy to be breathing life back into the project, to be moving on. Dana has had quite a year of labor with enormous challenges in his family life, money situation and emotional turmoil from the wreckage instilled by the insane government factions who have carefully defrauded, terrorized, infringed and otherwise prevented him from achieving his professional goals. Dana was an outspoken 9/11 truther way back in 2006 which is where a lot of harassment weird kind of stuff started to occur, but the biggest obstacles came from Vermont government and their fascist minions like Seven Days newspaper, the HOPE WORKS center, City Market onion River Co-Op, their hilariously tragicomic kangaroo with Captain Morgan level drunkenness right from their workers…So let’s keep the yucks goin with a next film about Martial Arts and a crazy Master Kuk Fu Artist who knows a musical act with an odd spectacle in their stage shows. Maybe we’ll get some more hot encrypted messages from ole Skunk Penis Ken Picard, who predicted the Seattle Train Wreck with a little of the ole ‘13,41’ to reveal a nice county name for us.

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