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We’re still uploading our secondary tier of cloud storage. Dana slept all night and when checking the system the next day, found the last upload was still going! This is on the fast computer, not the older one. So it’s going to just take as much time as it requires to upload these babies. Once that’s done we can proceed with a feeling of security. We feel backups are important every so often because of hard drive deterioration and the changes to the clips that go on, so we need to get these going on in order to get to the more fun stuff. It’s good in a way for us creatively because it reminds of how much work it takes just to get what’s onscreen into a position where it can be edited! The backups won’t take more than another few days but fortunately, we’ve been able to make it possible to work with the editing while we do backups, hopefully by tomorrow. We’d like to get the ACTIVISTS footage done so we can move on to the KITTY HOTEL DRIVING scene work. That will take some of the last bits of creativity for us with the 30 second TV Chat model scene, which has been ready to go a long while now as far as captures. We reshot one of them and had good takes for all.

Moving on!

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