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We’re doing upgrade stuff with the system right now, essentially more backups and integration with the new machine. This takes a lot of time and it’s unavoidable stuff, so we’re momentarily paused on editorial work itself. When we have completed this process there will be a more streamlined development with progress and we will be attuned with secondary cloud storage and triple-backups for it in the studio while being upgraded in our software, processor speed, RAM and capability for expansion within more utilities like video magic and web design. It’s going well but because of the slowness of the old system it is gobbling up some hours! Our eye is on the final release and we’re going through each step necessary to get us there. The encouraging part behind the scenes is seeing how the quality of the movie holds up scene by scene.

We do have an announcement that we are no longer going to be working with Camille Spain, the sites will be overhauled and then republished with a new webmaster.

Keep that Clam Channel activated!

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