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We’ve made more backups and dealt with some technical setup for the new system. Transferring over from our current Mac editor to a PC one is not as easy as we’d hoped, it might not be possible at all but we’re not really worried about it! The old system is holding up well and the work we have to do with it is no longer very intensive. The new one will be ideal for making a final print, doing video work (such as Titling, special FX, corrections as much as Dana can handle on his own or with a tech expert hired) and for reinventing the website. Our webmaster Camille Spain has disappeared and she did not make the changes we agreed on weeks ago. Thus Dana is left with a website that is not what he wanted or had designed that cannot return to its previous incarnation. He will be making a site in the next weeks but for now we’re focusing on getting the new system set up and having everything right for doing the final editorial work.

Where we are with that is Dana is re-recording a bit of audio for the walkie-talkie. The one in there is fine but we want something we’ll like more. This is a 5 minute job to do before we stick it on the soundtrack. After that, there’s some minor polishing of the dialogue for ACTIVISTS in their HQ. We’ve got outstanding walkie talkie chirps now. The second half of the scene is not one with any major sound work to do, we’re just wanting to get to the end of the line so we can produce the audio files for sending over to our engineer Josh at Green Light Studios. We are working as fast as we can, back on track SCi CO style which is generally getting worked up into a frothy fervor until things are done right. We’ve obviously had a lot of obstacles, setbacks and delays but we’re confident that the film itself is going to hold up over time to be something enjoyable by many people for years to come. We feel basically that the acting is powerful enough and the basic technical standard is just barely above the line it needs to be (with some help), that the plot and storyline are good enough to support the acting. The biggest amount of work we have will be the CHAT MODEL scene, and that is straight forward stuff with captures we nailed on a set with a sound assistant.

We’ll be easing into steady progress with the editing, hopefully it will be smooth and fun! This is the last push needed for the film to be put together enough for it to be shown, then while it is in festival runs and possibly limited first edition sales or rentals, we’ll be glossing up the sound and working with a video artist to perfect the print as much as possible. Again, there’s not too much terribly wrong with it but a couple of scenes here will require work (such as the PASSY VIOLETZ beach car scene where there’s a friggin lens spot…that will be expensive!).

Come back for more!

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