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Working with the ACTIVISTS headquarters scene, we’re doing a bit of an overhaul on the CB radio sounds which are ok as is but can be improved. This is not major sound editing work but minimal stuff to just sort of polish up the final audio. There are major obstacles in the HQ scene audio wise, however which is why we’re talking this after the COWBOY scene which had the most challenges of all. The sound challenges in this one are a lot easier to remedy since they are mostly about splicing and timing of the video to the lines rather than sound problems with the actual audio captures. The mic was clean and we had a good level on everything, it’s rock solid but we have some creative editing on the video which requires us to lock into the audio with some finesse, technically. If we cannot do that we’ll have to slightly recut the video to match the dialogue which will take some hours. There are also video issues with this particular scene, actually the most flaws of all the scenes because this was the first date of shooting with a camera that had a dead pixel problem and Dana was foisted into the photographer role with no preparation. So he winged this scene as well as the POLICE BRIDGE scene, which came out very well fortunately. Thus this HQ scene is actually one of the most laden with shortcomings. It’s not so bad as is, it would probably do fine with festivals but we will want a slick as possible final product and we’re putting the work into the sound by hand, then will hire probably for an ace in the hole on the video fixes. They are fairly mild but will require a refined hand for the maximal result.

We’re playing with the background music in the house because it does liven the scene up. They are at their home lair with ACTIVIST 1 sleeping while ACTIVIST 2 listens to her police scanner. She throws a wad of cash $10k at hime to wake him up, money won from their settlement about the FBI destroying their BIGFOOT video footage. The HQ scene is about 90 seconds and most of it is already nailed, so we’re really fine tuning and getting this up to broadcast quality as far as the entertainment and technical quality. The scanner sounds could be just a bit improved and we have scanner dialogue going on in the background which is working. So this will be some fixes and tweaks on a scene with a lot of little bits of work to be done for the first portion, then the CLAM ATTACK sequence will have some CLAM prop action footage stuffed in there with a tiny bit of new sound fx and music, then we’ll refine what’s necessary for that attack scene. From memory, there’s only one or two little spots we recall really needing any additions and there was nothing which needed to be removed, so we’re in good shape. It might only be a couple of hours of work or less to take care of the necessary bits after the HQ scene which is unclear how long, but probably less than 6 hours left on that. That’s actual labor time

Please keep in mind that we are a LOT closer to the end with this movie than it might seem, almost all the rest of the scenes will be little to no work on the audio and that’s what we’re focusing on is audio right now! Dana actually has new capability for video special fx and will probably take care of the first version for earliest release himself, just as an experiment to see if it’s really good enough with the level of experience he has but he will be using the same software that pros use.

We must say we’re not happy with the way the website looks at this point nor with the movie poster. Our webmaster Camille Spain has not made updates or corrections promised (such as removal of the abysmal film strip stock footage she put up) and she’s not been reachable. Dana is planning to take over his sites with design software, just so he can be in control of the art and layout. We spent a long time and a lot of money to get that original site up there and Camille explained she won’t restore it, after she redesigned the site out of the blue by her own vision– which we do not want up anymore. So we’re in a state of limbo at present with this website in its structure and artistic design, will be going back to the original SCi CO colors and format with the logo and everything else. That will be a few weeks probably to take care of.

The scene itself is strong with the ACTIVISTS. The acting is off the charts with great chemistry and HAYLEY McCurdy actually gives one of the best performances of anyone we’ve ever seen in any film! She’s electric like– like we’ve never seen. Hilarious! She’s uncanny, I mean– no b.s. It reminds us a bit of The Blair Witch Project with its intensity but she’s funny, too on top of it. We have spectacular sounds throughout to augment the action. We’re going to drill through this HQ scene work task to get us into the CLAM ATTACK sequence, then we’ll render all the audio files for our audio guy, finalize the video and move on.

Stay tuned!

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