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We are compiling the film now together clip by clip. Dana has had many obstacles (not just COVID) but we’re stabilizing again for the final work. Right now we’re looking to a scheduling of work time allotted for this accomplishment, something Dana has had to work hard to get to happen due to the incredible financial devastation of this pandemic’s impact on top of other life issues. It is critical in SCi CO’s eyes to get this film published in any form, meaning we are looking to compete immediately with a rougher version rather than the more polished one after Josh at Greenlight and with some uncorrected video blemishes. The film is in excellent shape overall for its budget even in rough cut condition and it will not be a problem to begin with this earlier version than improve it for later festival releases. It is not clear when the actual sale point date will be for online distribution, but we are considering a rougher version just to get it out there and see if we can find a home for it.

On the subject of the audio mix, Josh has heard loud and clear about the lack of progress in the recent months. He has offered to take hold of all the clips at once, organizing on his own calendar to accommodate the entirety of the task. He’s also nodded to us about the money, seeing as he’s putting a lot of hours in and we’re not paying normal prices for his hourly. This extremely generous action is in addition to his formulation of his plan to execute the strategy for completion of his work. Fortunately, the remainder of the audio hitches are minimal for the segments compared with the immense number of fixes needed for the COWBOY scene, which is now done. This will ease his burden and his request of a schematic sort of outline for each moment of the mix is going to facilitate a rapid progress modality. He wants essentially to get a blueprint and then build the thing himself, audio wise. We couldn’t ask for a better situation and his promise to deliver in much much faster time is going to be very helpful for us.

At this time SCi CO is taking steps to take care of some technical issues with the system that have lingered for months, and we’re beginning to stitch together the film. This is going to take a lot of hours for Dana but once it’s done we can see Josh going all the way with the product and it will be time to deliver the video segments to the video artists for insertion of UFO and a few other video implementations. We’ll see about the fixes, we have a couple of problems with a lens spot, some light saturation in one scene, a stability issue in another — mostly rather minimal. The lens spot is going to require a lot of expense to cover and it won’t ever be perfect but nobody will notice with a blind eye. The spot lasts about 7 seconds…frame by frame correction. We won’t blame anyone but our advisor did recommend not wiping the sensor that day and it’s the one day we had the problem! We will pay for it to be fixed if it’s the last thing we do on this film.

Let’s get this over with!

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