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Sound Mix

Dana met with Josh at Green Light Recording to go over some characteristics of the mix. We’re still working on MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY scene. This is going to take as long as it’s going to take but fortunately, we are seeing a sign of a lot faster progress to become a reality at this point. Josh was very unclear about certain directions to take the mix and needed Dana there for a thorough review. They communicated extensively about many technical and creative concept issues until they found a balance and a game plan for not just this scene but the rest of the segments. This is extremely good news for a few reasons; 1) It shows us Josh is really the person we hoped he would be for this job, which is a perfectionist who is locked into the concept of getting us the most flavorful mix without stepping on the toes of the producer. 2) It clears up a lot of the remaining barriers to the process of Josh being able to develop a cadence for his work to follow when Dana is not available for each nuance of the process. 3) It gives Dana some chance to build up his financial reservers in order to PAY Josh for his work! Dana is working a lot of hours to make ends meet on top of providing for this film’s post-production budget.

Thus we’re highly encouraged and feeling good about the situation. We are more than feeling the need to kick this film out and move on to the next one–in fact, ‘aching’ to get it out is probably the lightest verbiage possible to get the message across about how SCi CO feels. Like Dana, Josh at Greenlight won’t complete anything with a half-assed attitude and wants to get it to the absolute best point possible before moving on to the next piece of work. Also, there’s no overworking on anything, as some fall into the trap of, so Dana and Josh really agree and are two peas in a pod for the whole process.

We do anticipate a dramatic acceleration in the timeline for getting the work done on these segments. Dana wants to publish this film at the earliest possible second in order to start competing and making some returns with the property. Also, we are very ready to start working on pre-production for the next movie, which will be “Figures” and feature a live theatrical performance of the dramatic content.

Things are heating up!

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