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We are dealing with system related issues right now and determine what solutions will be necessary. The problem comes from Dana not being aware he was saving onto a drive which was already full and it’s created a lot of slowing. There’s some resolution coming right away but we won’t know how much longer it will delay us before we try a few smaller fixes before needing to go farther. If we have to get a new system in, it will not be more than a week or so to have that ready but it’s obviously preferable to do a bit of work on the one we have to get it to smoothen out if possible. We have a full time situation with this and are not able to do much on the content for the film right now but we are getting cloud storage taken care of along with the other storage needs. The same problem with maxed out memory had a similar obstacle come from it and the organization at that time to deal with that worked fine and we had no problems with the functioning of the software for the editing needs. We weren’t aware that we were creating the same problem with saving onto the full drive so back tracking is probably going to work well, according to expert advice. One way or the other we will have the system operational again as soon as possible. We will make a minimal purchase for a new computer if necessary but will be upgrading before we venture into the next big motion picture with a beefier amount of power with more investment at that time. For this post production we are looking to simply continue with the work we are already doing in order to get “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” into final cut form so sound engineering and video corrections can be made complete.

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