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The ACTIVIST scene is getting a fine polishing for the Headquarters segment. This was the first date of shoot for the entire film and Dana was handed the camera by his former photography director, saying ‘I can’t do this, you take over.’ The sound was pretty solid in the original room on set but the reshoots have slightly different performance characterizations and it’s an interesting match between both clips. We had to reshoot ACTIVIST 2 because her shots were just better off with more choice and her position in the room allowed us to use a green screen. There are some editorial and sound decisions going on to make this a smoother more interesting scene. We’ve also changed the previous static and radio sounds, including the narration for what the police scanner radio is sounding like while they are listening in the HQ. This is about a two minute sequence and the work begin done on this now is to make as flawless as possible. We’re also going to add music to the background.

This is all taking some extra time because Dana has been tackling some system related updates and we’re dealing with some technical issues that will hopefully resolve soon. Backup storage for the most current version of the film content is something we’ve been taking care of and our computer itself is having some memory limitation problems which are causing slow-downs. We’re looking at several ways to ease this burden and the storage is going to be completed today which may lend itself to a fast solution. We want to make sure the film is ready to go when we need it to be and this is all well worth the time it takes to ensure our media will be accessible.

The content for ACTIVISTS is fortunately not needing any alterations, meaning there is little room for video editing or work with the lines themselves. The work we’re doing in the HQ is a lot of getting rid of sounds that don’t make the final cut and honing in the editing, all the fluidity of the sound with continuity and making sure it flows just right from beginning to end. We’re pretty much all set with the second half, once they are out of the HQ because that was shot a year later and we had solid technical command of our sound and video that day, with lots of preparation and Dana had a lot of experience from the production of this film that year. Thus it won’t need much refinement if any at all.

We’ll be done with the ACTIVSISTS scene as soon as possible and then we’ll be moving onto the POLICE FBI scene work. When we have all the sound delivered to Josh at Green Light Studios, it will probably come with a booking date for Dana to go in and record the last lines needed for the movie because those appear in Scene 7, after the POLICE FBI scene so he’ll want to have them all in place for when he starts on 7.

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