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The business plan for “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” is slightly altered from its previous strategy but we feel it’s the best plan overall. We will be taking our time to approach online platforms and we have the sales outline tightly wrapped as possible before shrink-wrapping for publication. Dana’s research and Camille Spain’s experiential expertise have yielded a basic structure for how to approach distribution, festival entries (there are more than we can possibly enter and we found a lot more that we can enter recently, so will be updating to about twice as many festival entries as planned for the first few months of publication). Also we have a marketing plan in place for our merchandise related sales which will move the rentals and local buys with a product that can be obtained on a shelf locally. This will be involving original artwork and promotional merchandise to get the word out about the film. Also, The Hollywood Theater has raised its price and it’s more than double what the original budget was for, so we’re seeing how we can afford that and looking at other theaters.

Josh at Green Light Recording has received the tracks for our first scene to be sound mixed and he’s going to begin working on it when his schedule is a bit lighter, which is probably sometime early into next week. He works very fast and this is a pretty massive task so we’re looking at how much time he is investing versus how much work is being accomplished, then balancing that with how much investment we have with him for the project. This will help us calculate and deal with the upcoming tasks of the other nine segments. We need to plan financially and understand how much time he needs to get the mix done as far as actual hours he works on them. It will be exciting to see the results of his toils because the mix is a make or break issue with soundtracks and we have extensive masking and some shortcomings with our recording tech for him to correct, but he is awesome at accomplishing this exact kind of task. His mixes are unbelievably rich and clear plus he has a knack with a lot of experience at audio books and dealing with live recording situations. In fact, we’ve asked him to be onboard with us for sound recording on the next film production project with live sound. This is expensive but will be worth it to deal with the post on our film, saving a lot of time and labor. It can only get better, the sound mix he does and it might be unbelievably polished, balanced and totally free of any issues which before were plaguing it in the mind of the editor. Others have commented when asked that it doesn’t seem noticeable, they aren’t thinking of any problems with the sound when they just watch the clip so it’s going to be a very nice composition to have this all done up by the engineer.

ACTIVISTS scene is being worked on now. Dana has been dealing with technical issues with updates and backups as well as a PREVIEW for the movie which is more of a trailer than a clip straight from the content of the movie. It has little pieces from the film with a narration and music over it, then credits and the title. Camille is going to begin her work on the new poster after having it ready to go but missing a picture of the clam she wants, so we got that picture done and she’ll begin collaging her vision within a few days.

The ACTIVISTS scene itself is being polished for slight video edits and ensuring the overall quality of the sound track is good for continuity, clean takes, background noises, etc. We’re off to a good start and we’re analyzing the original sound print for one of the lines but the scene has been gone over with some work on the video. The scene with the headquarters location has a reshoot from another location using a green screen and the sound there was excellent as well as the original sound from the first set. We have some stability issue and the film’s only focus problem with a soft focus for one of the small clips, so it will be tuned up in the final video polishing with a tech helper hired for the job. It’s already been accomplished in a major effects editor and it was fortunately a very small fix needed. Stability issues are a bit more challenging and there’s several instances where it’s going to be required in this film but the editor we used for effects showed it can be handled very well and fairly fast for each clip that has the issue. Also it’s actually a film making style to use shaky camera work but we’re going to want to smooth it out as much as possible. We do have some nice action footage of the clam and we’re only adding a small amount, maybe 2-5 seconds worth at the most unless we slo-mo some of it at some point.

The BEACH scene with the clam attack is already done up with elaborate sound work and extremely meticulous footage editing, it will not need a serious update but we will be spending a lot of time with the file production for Josh to start mixing it. We will have some video work done on the scene with adding a little image onto a camera screen but it is going to be minimal as everything was solid as far as production that day. There were no sound obstacles created by the location that caused a problem with continuity or low quality of dialogue capturing.

The scene will be a lot of work just to get to final cut stage but there’s no major overhaul needed, no replacement of music and very little needing to be done to the video. The next scene will be Scene 6 Police with FBI and that one does have a lot of sound masking but that was already taken care of with the last version and won’t need creative masking work. We do see some sound replacement for the ACTIVISTS but it’s not much and we have a good sound library to draw from (this is for things like the static sound on the cb radio ACTIVIST 1 listens to).

We’re moving as fast as we can with the time we have to work on this and it’s going well. Our system is sometimes slow but doing a good job of accomplishing all of the solutions we need to complete the project. We’re likely going to add a little music in the background for the ACTIVIST HQ which may be “Eridu” by Spazboreal, Dana’s band in Burlington VT.

We’ve spoken to Josh about calendar time to record about 20 lines in his studio of ADR. This will be about an hour session as Dana works pretty fast and the lines are all related to each other in the scene work. This is for PASSY linen the HOTEL Scene 7 which we had a problem with the sound for that particular series of takes so we’ll be dubbing them with the final cut.

Dana has also begun writing a script for “Tails” and another film project has been conceived though it’s only a treatment at this point, a film about a haunting. That would be another horror comedy.

We’ll update with progress reports soon enough!

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