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sep26 early am

There’s a lot more good stuff in those clam on the beach action shots than expected! It’s a helluva good start on the footage. We have actually so much from the first 5 or so minute clip that we had to stop for a while to catch our breath. We’re checking out half second to a few full seconds of footage at a time for those racing moments and we are really surprised by the availability of options for us here! When Dana worked with the footage previously for this scene, he was not able to really penetrate into the psyche with believability with the clam motion but perhaps with so much editing experience since or an enhanced vision of what we want to see, it’s obviously time to start picking out which clips we don’t want from all these good ones rather than having so few we’re forced to work with whatever we’ve got! It’s excellent. Some are hilarious in themselves, seeing this clam speed along the sand believably. We used a 2×4 mounted with the clam for some and fishing line for others– you can imagine we didn’t get too expansive or articulated with our motion but rather got crude, little tiny bits at a time for the animation. It’s really impressive and we’re going to embolden the scene and give it what it has really been missing.

Dana has gone through the video and made sure we’re functioning with unaltered footage, meaning no color or stabilizers since we’ve decided to go with a professional who has much better software to use for these minor adjustments. We’ve seen the stuff we have to work with on the Clam Action additions and it’s going to be placed in several strategically selected moments in the dialogue with ACTIVIST 1 and ACTIVIST 2! Their chemistry is marvelous and their kinetic performances will be really heightened by this inclusion of more clam-i-ness. It’s going to amplify the comedy we feel and is also going to give the lines more relevance and reality.

We’re reviewing Bach in Socket for the Holidaze right now and have pressed the first version of the album for SCi CO Music! We may alter it but are just looking at one small issue with it which may not be something we want to change. It’s different than expected but not bad, only a bit ‘out there’. So far it’s looking good.

Stay tuned…

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