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Dana did underestimate the amount of work it took to get the sound file layers rendered but they are completely done now! The Mentally Unstable Cowboy scene is now a completed piece of work with all the layers of the audio mix ready for Joshy at Green Light Studios. We just heard from Josh today for the first time in about two weeks. He was massively busy with family and work related business, only just got the window to email us today. The timing couldn’t be better as it aligned with us trying to get a hold of him for the best way to deliver the goods so he can begin getting his hands on the material. There are nine layers of audio for him to use with his mix– 3 for dialogue, two for special fx, one for footsteps alone, one for music, one for masking (background traffic stuff) and another for ambient background noise. The meticulous work it takes to get each one of these isolated in their contentions and then made into recordings was awesome. It wound up taking about 13 hours of work to get them all done!

We’re now onto the ACTIVISTS scene and will be working with that. All the music and sound fx are in place, no masking or upgrading required. It will need some sprucing up for the video in the first two minutes (which we have covered for how to approach) and the big job for this one will be the additional clam action footage. We need to involve more motion by the clam to get the scene to gel. We have lots of footage to work with but it’s going to be pretty tricky, then that will have to be scored and sound added. This will take some time but we’re looking at maybe 5-10 seconds worth of additional content. The rest is pretty much ‘there’ with outstanding acting work, sound work by Kyle Blachly and everything has been set into place for that. We don’t expect the same amount of workload as was necessary for the Mentally Unstable Cowboy scene which was a complete replacement of the music and we added a dozen sound fx/voice overs, did a large bit of work with masking for the traffic continuity issues.

Camille is meeting with Dana today and we’re discussing the new poster, marketing and release strategies, festival contingencies and other business for the film.

Stay tuned…!

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