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Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!

A Comedy / Sci-Fi / Horror Film

Raiders of the Lost Clam!!! movie poster.


A rowdy & raunchy couple (PASSY and VIOLETZ) hunt for a mysterious magical artifact which is also being sought by a strange human looking alien ((STRANGE MAN) and his UFO driving kitty cohort (MYSTERIOUS KITTY). A TV sound editor (FLAV) stumbles onto the plot while working in his editing room but not before Passy digs up a monster clam during one of his botched beach raids! One BIGFOOT, a murderous LUMBERJACK and his WIFE, two POLICE ACTIVISTS, a MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY and multiple Clam attacks later, we may be lucky enough to witness a close encounter of the worst kind! Stay tuned for… RAIDERS OF THE LOST CLAM!!!

2:45 Teaser Here!!!

Listen to Music from the Movie

SCi CO Films Solaris Film Festival laurels for best song category

Raiders of the Lost Clam!!! was an official selection for best song at the Solaris Film Festival 2019.

The People Who Made it Possible


John Branch, Karmen Spiller, Jose Cacho, “Lilikoi”, Kevin S. Martin, Rollyn Stafford, Jim Ward, Butch Gwaltney, Hayley McCurdy, Walter Petryk, Tyler Ryan, Laura Welsh, TJ Pelham, Ashleigh Elferring, Asha Sawyer, Paul Bright, Kevin Taylor, Paul L. Thornton, David Kosloski, Alekz Wokal, Leah Kozuko and Dana Graham


Music by J.S. Bach, The Black Tryangul and Dana Graham

Original String Sextet Led, Arranged, Orchestrated and Recorded By Gabriel Majou Composed by Dana Graham

1st Violin Gabriel Majou, 2nd Violin Antoine Beux, Viola 1 Dan Lay, Viola 2 Gerson Epuiguren, Cello 1 Marta Roma, Cello 2 George Crotty through Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA

Special F/X

Creature Makeup By CHRISTINA KORTUM of Ravenous Studios


Cover Art

By Camille Spain of Camille K. Spain Web Design & Development


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