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Out of the Way

The Music Video

“Out of the Way” is a song written by Dana while he was imprisoned at a psychiatric hospital for ‘believing he needs food from a grocery store’. He was in prison for attempting to buy food and deemed insane by the system for believing he required nourishment from any grocery stores. This is actually true and right on the record– it’s not a Twilight Zone episode! He fought to clear his name and has no convictions on his record for any crimes, but was battered and made hungry by his municipality with the State backing it all up officially. Dana took the time to write a song about his experiences while under duress after he was forced into a State hospital for the criminally insane, where many abuses took place on him. He was first placed into a State penitentiary for the misdemeanor charge which ultimately was found not to be part of the State law code! There he was denied any phone call to communicate with the outside world that his cat was going to dehydrate or starve and die, which led to her suffering for nearly a week before being saved within minutes of her life after Dana sent snail mail to his next door neighbor Les Hankins III! The video itself was filmed at Battery Park in Burlington, VT – the literal address of the police station, home to the cops who had attempted homicide on Dana twice already with assaults to his head. Dana expected to be violated at any moment by the Burlington Police, who have a brutal and insane reputation in the city. The song is not about suicide as some people have interpreted, but duress and futility in fighting to do anything but escape. The line ‘death is just a holiday’ is more commensurate with rebirth than anything else to Dana. He wrote and performed the song very close to its final version for the staff of the prison hospital and inmates, who fortunately were not where most of the abuses came from on Dana! Immediately after being released without charges, he laid down tracks in his apartment and Craig Parker Adams of Winslow Court Studios dropped his mega-mix down on it, giving it that radio ready sound. This is the first song Dana played his own drums on, which he had learned to play a couple of months before by using Beatles albums and pop radio, jazz standards. At the time, he believed that the only way to win was to be creative and come up with a special piece of music to force people’s attention to the trouble and establish once and for all that food is a human right. After all, it is spelled out in the International Declaration of Human Rights as one of the laws all human beings recognize, adequate food in the community, as well as it being a Federal and State violation on many statutes. When the state is insane, write a song and do a video, then tell people the State cannot starve you, beat you, rape you, steal your intellectual property or otherwise violate you. Thanks for watching and listening! Enjoy your food.

Making Of

The lovely model is Angela Tagliavia. Craig Parker Adams of Winslow Court Studios in Los Angeles gave us his Grammy Award nominated skills for a special mix down. Craig Parker Adams also produced “Bach in Socket: Switched ON” which is a modern synthesizer playing two part piano inventions with a new flute part written by Dana. BachInSocket.Com


SCi CO Films' The Lift-Off Sessions official selection laurels for best music video
SCi CO Films Universe Multicultural Film Festival 2019 official selection laurels for music video "Out of the Way"


Artist: Dana Graham Phelps

Song: “Out of the Way”

Director: Dana Graham Phelps

Starring: Angela Tagliavia

Audio Mix: Craig Parker Adams of Winslow Ct. Studio