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Out of the Way

The Music Video

In the film for the song “Out of the Way”, an angelic singer watches over a young woman as she suffers through a difficult ordeal. The concept for the film was inspired by the artist’s experiences with police brutality, intimidation, and corruption of the system.

Making Of

The video was filmed in front of the Burlington, VT police station. So if the artist looks a bit tense, now you know why! The talented model Angela Tagliavia did an excellent job acting with limited direction. Filming was completed in under 90 minutes.


SCi CO Films' The Lift-Off Sessions official selection laurels for best music video
SCi CO Films Universe Multicultural Film Festival 2019 official selection laurels for music video "Out of the Way"


Artist: Dana Graham

Song: “Out of the Way”

Director: Dana Graham

Starring: Angela Tagliavia

Audio Mix: Craig Parker Adams of Winslow Ct. Studio