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oct 31 - SCiCo Films

oct 31

By Dana Graham

Dana has been working hard to find a schedule which is going to balance workloads of a job job and SCi CO work. He has managed to come up with something which looks like it will work. This gives him enough time to do work on the movie every single day that it will be similar to progress when he takes full weeks off, and he will have some full days to just to dedicate to SCi CO. This is excellent and was not understand if it was going to be possible, it’s very pleasing to see it’s adjusted quickly and rightly into a rhythm which can benefit this company very well. We will be able to keep up with financial demands of the business more easily and will enjoy the consistency on both sides rather than struggling to find ways to accommodate the workloads as well as the transitional issues of switching gears from labor to creativity.

The current workstation is functioning fine. We’re still going to be upgrading but the rush is over. Right now we’re focusing on completion of the scene segments 2-10 and dealing with Josh at Green Light. Josh is extremely busy and we’ve connected to his schedule to give us some deadlines, thus it appears like we’ll be in his studio again around Nov 12. Dana needs to record his final ADR for the movie, a bit of guitar and to meet with Josh to discuss the final vision for the BiS Holiday album. We’re adding an additional instrument to the BiS Holiday record and it’s requiring them to go over sounds together for the new track. We’ll have that out by Black Friday.

The next film has been determined to be an unscripted and unpublished concept which suits the vision for the next projects business goals. It’s a whacky and very fantastical, silly mystery/sci fi comedy which is designed somewhat for slicker placement on a distribution platform. We do have a commercial vision in mind which has some financial returns for us. “Figures” at this moment is being converted into a live theatrical play which will then be used for a film at some point, perhaps the next film after the silly commercial venture.

This has been a lot of toil to get the work issues balanced and stabilized, we’re extremely pleased to be in the position of having both the job and the business to do in their own time. Dana is settled into a routine with this set of parameters and is engaging with the editing work daily. The number one priority for the media work right now is to get the film done and competing in festivals. Then we can huck it to some folks and start talking about the next one. The next movie will have wardrobe and much much improved sound capture, some lighting help and a lot more logistical controls than for “Clams…”. We are looking forward to that when the time comes and thrilled to be wrapping up with “Raiders!”
Stay tuned…