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Oct 23

Obviously we’re nowhere near being able to make our Halloween date. First of all, theaters book out three months ahead even for the smallest one in the city but our sound engineer hasn’t even gotten to one file yet for the first segment he’s received. We also have had a major system malfunction which stopped our progress completely for the last few weeks, with other work as getting in the way as well.

So, we’ve regrouped and gotten some new plans for this completion with some ways to approach our next project. First of all, Dana is earning the funds to acquire a completely new workstation which is going to be able to help us do jobs with video and audio. It will have more power for video and we are buying new software for making music as well as upgrading our video software. This is obviously very expensive and it’s taking a lot of hours to get the payment to make the purchase. We’re more than halfway there at this point and have restored our current workstation to a working condition. We did have a few more problems with this since fixing it the first time and it’s now at a point where we feel we can work with it. This is something we felt we had achieved before but it was still having a few issues. It has been a solid system since day one and it is now back to a good state for completion of the movie. We won’t be moving to the new workstation to finish “Clams…”, it will be done with the original one without any further interruptions foreseen for technical issues.

Dana is continuing to try things with his schedule for the job to juggle the load of the work between both SCi CO and earning for the company investments (as well as bills). He has been able to find time to work on the movie while being able to keep his schedule with the job, thus we are settling into a new position with this instead of going completely off or on one way or the other with either occupation. This will give us steady progress on both the Final Cut production as well as getting what is needed for our technical side to go into the next stage of our business plan.

We’re going to be meeting with Josh at Green Light Studios soon to discuss the movie work, the Bach in Socket Holidays album and for some recording. Dana was a bit tired and wanted to have the appropriate energy for the voice over performance before booking the time and Josh has been busy, thus we’re looking to be fairly soon with this, within a week or so. Then we can move on with all the projects in good time. We have a deadline for the release of BiS Holidays which is unavoidable, so we’re making room to get that moving which includes a modest video for it. We will be very low intensity for the video as far as production, probably a one day or a two small day shoot then a couple days editing (editing is fast for a music video compared with a movie, of course! Also there are no words to synch lyrical singing with). We’ll squeeze that in if we have to while “Clams…” is still being assembled for Final Cut processing because we have a commercial calendar date to consider for that release. We want to make money and begin to climb the chart for Billboard with the record. Dana needs to discuss a flute sound for the next BiS one which is ‘natural’ or flute/piano — we already have the piano recordings!

We’ll be looking for steady progress with the movie and some days off here and there to completely dedicate to spending on final cut work for that. Once we get the ball rolling with Josh and he’s finished with the first segment, he will have a very clear idea of what we want and how we’re going about getting it, what he has to do, how much time and cost it is, etc. etc. etc. The next segments will be a lot faster and easier for him and we can get them done without many delays.

We met Clyde Lewis recently who is a radio talk show host on KXL Portland. He was the voice of “The Toxic Avenger” in one of the series installments by Troma Team! Dana and Clyde discussed work on a future motion picture production and Clyde was interested! We’re going to approach him for some voice-over work on the Trailer/Preview for “Raiders…” and possibly to do a tiny piece as the announcer voice for the TV Chat Model ad in the movie! We can sneak him in there for a last minute voice over cameo, if he’s able! He mentioned his meeting with Lloyd Kaufman in NYC and Dana wondered if Troma might be interested in helping us distribute the title “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!”?! Crazier things have happened! After all, this website was loosely inspired by the Troma.Com website with a few others and Dana has always been a fan of Troma movies. Remake Toxic Avenger, what are you kidding!? “No, Lloyd! I couldn’t– that’s too much of a classic!” Dana will say! “Ok, Ok– I’ll do it!” he’ll say next!
Stay tuned…

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