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Oct 1

We have fixed the memory issue and the system is working as good as new. No further investment appears necessary for the immediate future but we’ll want to upgrade the computer before venturing into production with a new movie. Dana has got to go back to work to cover expenses, including a bit more work in the studio with Josh at Green Light for the dialogue and some more audio engineering for our sound layers. We’ve had some business developments about how to distribute, sell, promote and otherwise market the film overall. We have new projects on the table for us to work with and that’s an exciting addition as well as a lot of choices to become familiar with before deciding exactly where we’re going with the next feature film production. We’ll likely take on “Figures” with the intention of it being a fairly fast production and editing time, then we can focus on fun content with an emphasis on making some money as well as having a laugh at some of the genres we’re poking around. “Kuk Fu” appears a long way off because of its scale and budget, that will require a very fat bankroll with a lot of pre-production and large sets, props, many actors, etc. We have a couple of smaller films to mull over. Meanwhile we’ll be back to work on “Raiders…” tonight with as much as we can get done before Dana goes back to work to make ends meet.

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