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Nov 6 - SCiCo Films

Nov 6

By Dana Graham

We’re working on the PREVIEW/TRAILER for “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” at this point. Clyde Lewis may come onboard as the Voice Over artist to do the ‘In a world..’ style booming narrator voice. We are going to write the trailer as a sort of jokey explanation of basic plot elements with little tiny scenes from the film. It probably will have music from the sextet and we’ll consider if it needs some original trailer music other than that.

We’ve been preparing for the new poster a while now (Camille Spain’s version, our third incarnation here) but it looks like we’ll have that version from her in probably about ten days. She was going to do it a while ago but we waited to get better pictures of the clam. Her vision for the poster art is strange and interesting as a collage with some digital art spread around. It’s a fresh take on the concept of a poster image and is going to be a very modern sort of flavor.