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Nov 19

Dana met with Josh at Green Light Studios to record guitar parts to go over the background music in the restaurant scene of the movie and for discussion of how to begin the Sound mix for us on the same project. We also closed out Bach in Socket For The Holidays (which was going to have additional instruments recorded but we decided we’re going to release it with just the chimes we already have). The tracking of the guitar went great and we got what we wanted done for the approach to his working on the mix. It all looks good at this point. Dana will be feeding him one segment at a time. We’re going to try and go as quickly as possible here. Dana is working a full time job but is willing to take a week off here or there if it means getting the next segment done without a wait between the completion of his last job. This is expensive work which is absolutely necessary for us to get past quality control panels on distribution platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, or to get a real chance at some big festival wins.

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