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Sep 2 2019

We’re doing a lot with the video editing for the final walkout scene by Mentally Unstable Cowbow from the Aquarium Village. We’ve already got some very interesting and dramatic improvements,Continue Reading

Update Sun Sep 1

So we feel we are working under a deadline here, so pressing forward steadily even if it’s at a slow pace. Dana is good under pressure from deadlines– when theyContinue Reading

Aug 30 2019

We’ve been working intensively with the Mentally Unstable Cowboy scene for the sound and some refinement of the video editing. This has proved to be a very interesting and challengingContinue Reading

Aug 28

We’ve got great music for the Mentally Unstable Cowboy Scene! It’s Creative Commons for sure, no issues with that. One of the greater obstacles for refinement of the soundtrack inContinue Reading

Update Aug 21

Very fortunately we’ve solved the technical issue with regards to recording music for the MUC scene. This was a big step for us after many hours and communications with PreSonus,Continue Reading

Aug 20

Dana worked twelve days straight. He is back on the job for SCi CO Films starting tomorrow, Wed. He has earned the money to pay for the sound engineer. We’reContinue Reading

Update Aug7

We are back on the bus here, taking the film step by step. We’ve had to upgrade our hosting for all SCi CO sites which took a few weeks. Also,Continue Reading

July 10 2019

Dana made his way to Newport, OR again to film the second round of Establishing Shots for the Yurt scene! This was the only day with grey overcast skies inContinue Reading

July 9 2019

We’ve done a lot of research into the Johnny Western music issue and came up with dead-ends. We are forced to contend with a new musical score there. This isContinue Reading

July 8 2019

We’ve completed work on the BIGFOOT Beach work, or Scene 3. What we did was touch up the BIGFOOT footage itself, place music at the end where the clam racesContinue Reading