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Update July 20

Yesterday Dana spent several hours trekking down to Newport to get a few seconds on video for an establishing shot of the Yurt! Originally, he had felt this wouldn’t beContinue Reading

June 19 2019

We have hired Josh Holland of Green Light Recording studio in Vancouver, WA as our official sound man for the mix of the movie sound! Craig in L.A. will stillContinue Reading

June 17 Update II

Dana got back into his rhythm with the editing tonight! What a whirlwind of fun additions. We put in an eerie sound, some farting, got a *perfect* synch on theContinue Reading

June 17 Update

Dana was not feeling well yesterday and did lose a day of work. Today we’re back at it and have been taking care of some business issues involving State licensure.Continue Reading

Update June 15 2019

We’ve had to be creative with our resolution and it appears a very simple fix is going to wind up being the winner! Within a few hours we should beContinue Reading


Right now we’re dealing with a system upgrade. Editorial progress is on hold until we can get our memory and software issues appropriated to the right resolution. We’re doing whatContinue Reading

June 13 2019

The saga continues!   We managed to get in just under the wire for the final deadline on the Lift Off Distribution Festival/Contest (which is Pinewood Studios, England– one ofContinue Reading

June 12 2019

Dana has spent many hours struggling with some technical issues (not with the film itself but the software being used to edit it) for the Yurt Scene 2. He hasContinue Reading

Festival Win for Dana’s Music!

Solaris Film Festival Nice, France Official Selection Light Faerie Falls (ballet demo) This is SCi CO’s third win this year– Nazareth Film Festival “In The Moment” Song Universal Multicultural FestivalContinue Reading