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Update Aug7

We are back on the bus here, taking the film step by step. We’ve had to upgrade our hosting for all SCi CO sites which took a few weeks. Also,Continue Reading

July 10 2019

Dana made his way to Newport, OR again to film the second round of Establishing Shots for the Yurt scene! This was the only day with grey overcast skies inContinue Reading

July 9 2019

We’ve done a lot of research into the Johnny Western music issue and came up with dead-ends. We are forced to contend with a new musical score there. This isContinue Reading

July 8 2019

We’ve completed work on the BIGFOOT Beach work, or Scene 3. What we did was touch up the BIGFOOT footage itself, place music at the end where the clam racesContinue Reading

July 7

Scene 3 has little room to do work with but we’re still not able to resist getting some improvements. This is the BIGFOOT BEACH scene where PASSY sets off aContinue Reading

July 6 Update II

We’ve completed the Yurt scene! Fortunately the footsteps were available as foley from the mic in the room we recorded in, thus it’s a perfect room match and we goContinue Reading

July 4

We’re just now finishing up the Yurt scene. There’s a bit of an issue with the establishing shot which took a lot of time to try fixing but we’re goingContinue Reading

July 3 2019

We’re getting pretty close to wrapping up work on Yurt Scene. This has been quite a lot of little touches here and there. We’ve hunted through lots of audio fromContinue Reading

July 2 Update

We’ve been working a good bit with the Yurt Scene. The last of the 3 minutes is requiring some editorial work which is more video than sound related. We’ve quickenedContinue Reading

Update June 26

We’re beginning editorial work again Thursday June 27! Dana has had an arduous work week and is taking one full week Thurs-Thurs off specifically for working on the film. WeContinue Reading