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Dana wound up doing a lot more with the audio and video of the MUC scene. He adjusted some video clips, cutting out a significant area to improve flow andContinue Reading

sep20 III

We’re doing quite a bit of refinement to this scene. We are fine tuning and putting a couple more characterization supporting utilities into the mix. We’ve adjusted much more thanContinue Reading

sep20 ii

We added some music at the end which is fairly complete in its composition, supporting first PASSY’s simpleminded buffoonery then VIOLETZ’ eerie sardonic intelligence and alertness with some panic. TheContinue Reading


Dana took a LOT more sleep and rest than expected, met with Camille his business partner. He’s feeling pretty good though more fatigued than he realized. We’re settling back intoContinue Reading

Sep 18

We are back at it starting tonight! Dana worked a long arduous stretch to pay for bills and to cover the expenses of the sound engineering work for our film.Continue Reading

Sep 10 Tues

Dana has had to continue his job work for another week. This is not expected but financially is the only choice. The good news is it will allow him theContinue Reading

Sep5 iv

We were stopped by one line from getting the tracks all laid out for Josh. The line in question is being hunted down in our original print, meaning the inContinue Reading

Sep 5 III

We’re basically through the scene now. We’ll be going over the whole second half and the work we did it on to make sure it’s as perfect as possible butContinue Reading

sep5 II music

we replaced the other PASSY convenience store cue with this one


we’ve been working the the MUC and PASSY scene which has a lot of traffic noise in the background of the dialogue. we’re having to do masking and blends. weContinue Reading