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Jan 4 2020

We are awaiting Josh’s return from his first work, finally on the film. We’ve had a lot of communication and technical obstacles from the point he’s received the files, thenContinue Reading

Dec 30 2019

Josh at GLS Recording has updated us that he is going to have time to work with the tracks for the scene within the next couple of days. This isContinue Reading

Dec 28 2019

At this point, we’re working with Josh at Green Light Recording and on his schedule. Dana had to address some technical and organizational issues with the files he was presentedContinue Reading


We are working with Josh closely to establish a technical narrative between us for communicating appropriately dealing with specific tasks. An issue with the second half of the clip he’sContinue Reading

Dec 12

Josh is working with the sound at Green Light studios. He’s had many false starts and some problems with the files. Dana worked some exhaustive hours for weeks on endContinue Reading

Nov 19

Dana met with Josh at Green Light Studios to record guitar parts to go over the background music in the restaurant scene of the movie and for discussion of howContinue Reading

Nov 6

We’re working on the PREVIEW/TRAILER for “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” at this point. Clyde Lewis may come onboard as the Voice Over artist to do the ‘In a world..’Continue Reading

oct 31

Dana has been working hard to find a schedule which is going to balance workloads of a job job and SCi CO work. He has managed to come up withContinue Reading

Oct 23

Obviously we’re nowhere near being able to make our Halloween date. First of all, theaters book out three months ahead even for the smallest one in the city but ourContinue Reading

Oct 14

Dana has been working a job to keep bills paid and get investments for the movie to become a finished project. He has got to come up with a balanceContinue Reading