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We’re Getting Back To Work

There’s been some major obstacles for us at SCi CO and we were unable to devote time to the post-production for a while. We’re getting back on board for theContinue Reading

Dec 4

We’ve moved into the murder scene sound montage over WIFE’s slumber. This is a fairly massive amount of sound work with many separate blows- punches, golf club strikes, kicks, etc.Continue Reading

Nov 30

We got through the sound montage of the approach by LUMBERJACK to EPSTEIN’s. This is where the sound is the most challenging for the scene work but it’s not aContinue Reading

Nov 29

We’re through the drive to the location of the EPSTEIN murder with LUMBERJACK and the EPSTEIN/LUMBERJACKS WIFE conversation by telephone. There was a bit of stock footage added, a lotContinue Reading

Nov 27 Editing Report

The music for the LUMBERJACK’s car ride has been added and it is ‘Angry Man’ by The Black Tryangul, Dana’s former band from Vermont. This song is written by theContinue Reading

SCi CO is LIVE!!!

Welcome to the new SCi CO FILMS website! We have moved on from a production based web presence to a commercial site and we’ll be featuring updates on productions andContinue Reading