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March 28

Dana is getting ready to do 2-3 weeks of work without any job distractions. The COVID issue has made income extremely low and time more pressed than ever, but theContinue Reading


We are compiling the film now together clip by clip. Dana has had many obstacles (not just COVID) but we’re stabilizing again for the final work. Right now we’re lookingContinue Reading

March 16

SCi CO has decided to put the movie together with rougher sound on the remaining cuts, but still pay/work with Josh at Greenlight for an improved sound mix. We areContinue Reading

March 8

Clyde Lewis has delivered his Voice over for the trailer! He also *drumroll* has done a voice over for the CHAT MODEL ad! He’s brilliant! This guy’s voice is likeContinue Reading

Feb 27 II

Dana spoke with Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero, the #1 radio program of Portland, OR, one of the top radio voices in the whole country. His show is brilliant, absolutelyContinue Reading

Update Feb 27

Boy are we growing excited over here! First of all, Josh at Green Light Recording Studios is just wrapping up his final work on MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY scene, or SegmentContinue Reading

Sound Mix

Dana met with Josh at Green Light Recording to go over some characteristics of the mix. We’re still working on MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY scene. This is going to take asContinue Reading

Jan 15

Josh is using scene examples from several movies to give him perspective on how to approach finalizing his vision on the COWBOY scene audio. This has been one snail paceContinue Reading

Jan 8

We’ve reviewed the scene work for preparation to delivery scenes to Josh at Green Light Studios for the remaining sequences. This led to us seeing many of them with freshContinue Reading

Jan 6

We’ve gotten the first sample back from Josh at Greenlight and it’s clearly making a considerable improvement. Our goal here is just to meet technical standards for online platform distributionContinue Reading