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Nov 6

We’re working on the PREVIEW/TRAILER for “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” at this point. Clyde Lewis may come onboard as the Voice Over artist to do the ‘In a world..’Continue Reading

oct 31

Dana has been working hard to find a schedule which is going to balance workloads of a job job and SCi CO work. He has managed to come up withContinue Reading

Oct 23

Obviously we’re nowhere near being able to make our Halloween date. First of all, theaters book out three months ahead even for the smallest one in the city but ourContinue Reading

Oct 14

Dana has been working a job to keep bills paid and get investments for the movie to become a finished project. He has got to come up with a balanceContinue Reading

Oct 1

We have fixed the memory issue and the system is working as good as new. No further investment appears necessary for the immediate future but we’ll want to upgrade theContinue Reading


We are dealing with system related issues right now and determine what solutions will be necessary. The problem comes from Dana not being aware he was saving onto a driveContinue Reading


The ACTIVIST scene is getting a fine polishing for the Headquarters segment. This was the first date of shoot for the entire film and Dana was handed the camera byContinue Reading


The business plan for “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” is slightly altered from its previous strategy but we feel it’s the best plan overall. We will be taking our timeContinue Reading

sep26 early am

There’s a lot more good stuff in those clam on the beach action shots than expected! It’s a helluva good start on the footage. We have actually so much fromContinue Reading


Dana did underestimate the amount of work it took to get the sound file layers rendered but they are completely done now! The Mentally Unstable Cowboy scene is now aContinue Reading