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Update-back to crack’n

We’re past the bulk of the updates phase and can start back up on the ACTIVISTS scene work. SCi CO Films feels pressure to release this film as soon asContinue Reading

Update 5-25

The backups are winding down. There are numerous hiccups involved in making this a bit lengthier than we’d prefer, but we can say we’re feeling a lot more reassured aboutContinue Reading


We’re wrapping up the backup and upgrade process. We’ve successfully cloud stored the most vital pieces of the film and other SCi CO properties while putting a few new hardContinue Reading


We’re still uploading our secondary tier of cloud storage. Dana slept all night and when checking the system the next day, found the last upload was still going! This isContinue Reading


We’re doing upgrade stuff with the system right now, essentially more backups and integration with the new machine. This takes a lot of time and it’s unavoidable stuff, so we’reContinue Reading


We’ve made more backups and dealt with some technical setup for the new system. Transferring over from our current Mac editor to a PC one is not as easy asContinue Reading


Working with the ACTIVISTS headquarters scene, we’re doing a bit of an overhaul on the CB radio sounds which are ok as is but can be improved. This is notContinue Reading

may 11

The clam footage is delightful to work with because it appears we have much more fun and exciting realistic stuff than anticipated. This was really lacking in the production whenContinue Reading

May 9

Good news! We’ve conquered a certain technical issue which was really stressful and challenging. Dana is working on SCENE 5 now after a huge hiatus. Admitting to be plagued byContinue Reading

May 4 2020

Dana had to go back to work again unfortunately. There’s also a major stress and intimidation factor that we’re no longer going to keep off this site. SCi CO FILMSContinue Reading