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May 9

Good news! We’ve conquered a certain technical issue which was really stressful and challenging. Dana is working on SCENE 5 now after a huge hiatus. Admitting to be plagued by the threats made by this government is defensive and awkward, but real. To get into the depths of the claims to back them up with evidence will take a whole separate website. After being intimidated directly by police and national news publications to stop my book on the Zodiac Killer, much of Dana’s research became more clandestine. Dana has been dealing with serious levels of stress (much from job) and the COVID issue has removed about 35-40 lbs. of lean muscle to replace it with maybe 10 lbs. of fat. After years of rehabilitation from problems accessing nutrition in Vermont which led to a gigantic weight increase from an extremely fit muscular build, this pandemic order has backfired into real health problems. Fortunately, we’re on the mend with some home gym equipment and new methodology for exercise. Thus the problem is contained that way and the stress is beginning to reduce.

SCi CO received financial support from Craig Parker Adams of Winslow Ct. Studios who not only offers his Grammy nominated mixes for Dana’s work (which he does not ask for any money to do…), he has graciously volunteered to assist in retaining some needed equipment for the studio. Coupled with Dana’s own monies, we’re able to have a new computer system, update hard drives, new software for web/image design, new video editing software which will help conquer problems and fx issues in the film, which are not too big of a deal and we’re willing to put rough versions out for festivals asap, before those fixes. So we’re on a rebound here from a difficult and very painful time. Transparency for SCi CO Films came from the beginning with the initial website, which was more for cast and crew updates. We will continue with this style of communication in the spirit of Fellini and Orson Welles.

The actual work remaining on the film is technical. Everything is completed and the final work which has taken so long to get to is cleaning up the audio track to get the absolutely most perfect final version possible. This is because our sound engineer needs a print to work with which cannot be changed once its worked on. For this reason, Dana is going with the most difficult scenes first to get over the hump then ease into the work which will really be more or less a ‘proof read’, since most does not require any stitching or alteration. Scene 5 ACTIVISTS has sound obstacles (and some video ones, the most severe in the film…which was a result of Dana being forced to become the Director of Photography on the first day of shooting, the hired DP handing over the camera saying “I can’t do this”). The video problems are going to be a bit of money to take care of at their real apex, such as a pixel missing (small white block on the screen, 1 pixel) and some soft-focus issues. The sound cuts are challenging because we had to reshoot the ACTIVIST 2 on a separate day and some of the video doesn’t work where the right lines do, so we’re stitching a bit. It’s going to be about 6 hours of work to take care of the sound editing for the ACTIVIST Headquarters scene work. At that point, they are on a beach and we are inserting some clam motion footage which is sort of missing from the cut. There are lines which indicate ACTIVIST 1 sees the clam in motion, commenting on its ‘little ass’. Obviously we need to see some real motion with the ingeniously designed prop clam by master prop maker and Special FX Makeup artist Jen Steigerwald, who also happens to be hot as shit- as well as sweet. So we’ve already got that footage together and will just be slipping it into a few little sequences. Otherwise, that entire scene is complete. We may touch up a bit of the monster attack sound work but that will be additions, not re-edits or removals of sounds we’ve placed in. That particular scene was off the charts in terms of how ‘monstrous’ the sound editing job was, and now we have a few new resources for sound bytes- if we need them, since we scoured for Monster sounds and screams, etc. exhausting the entire libraries we had to work with at the time. Extremely little sound work after HQ and only the minute video work to insert clam motion clips.

After that we’ll be probably working with HOTEL KITTY DRIVING scene since it is going to have the most work to do, getting to the CHAT MODEL footage. That’s all been shot and we have excellent audio. That will be probably 10-12 hours of work. These time estimates are actual labor time spent moving the mouse around. We do have a system limitation with the movie editor and are working on a possible transfer onto the slicker, newer system which has a pumped up video card and a lot more RAM, higher processor speed. If we are successful with that then it will definitely accelerate progress. The KITTY DRIVING HOTEL scene also will receive a little bit of an update with PASSY and VIOLETZ humping in the hotel– PASSY using electric shocks and VIOLETZ giggling crazily. This will be enormously challenging with the library of sounds we have, so much so we might actually hire a VO artist to track with GREEN LIGHT STUDIOS to get the appropriate squeals and chaws. This has to be comical more than sexual, they are only sounds going on while the kitty drives around the block magically. We won’t express the subtext here but if anyone has been with us long enough, they will understand that “FLAV” the character comes from JOSEPHUS FLAVIUS who created the stories for the Holy Bible? And the epiphany at the end of the flick signifies the birth of a new religion to the film maker, which will not be easy to comprehend from the analogy onscreen. This is meant to work more on the long-term thinking of the viewer than for it to click during the viewing. An ancient tribe discussed an Oyster returning from the ground which connects to Mu-Pan or ‘Atlantis’, the sunken continent. Dana has researched that subject a bit and it’s clear that Mu Pan is where language originally centered, before the Babel tower. There’s even a map with the location of the continent (see Klaus Dona Atlantis stone map) which is tens of thousands of years old! The film was designed to be more of a playable film many times than a sit through it once and forget it kind of picture. We want folks to chew on it and have elements linger in their mind over time, drawing them back to rewatch!

Dana has had to get some of his steam back and it’s returning. We’re a lot more serious than before in a way but also have uplifted our spirits through this strange time and all these difficulties. We’re not letting an insane government get us down or get to us. The Fraud and Swindle on SCi CO Films by Seven Days newspaper with the State of Vermont, the Hope Works center and now the State of Oregon with their overt public display of terrorism and occupation- is just not that significant any more. Dana has defended his life twice from police homicide attempts and is just not willing to take shit anymore. If they wanna piece of his ass, come and fuckin get it and see what you got to deal with cuz this boy aint fuckin around no more. The “Duks of War” comment by PASSY in the beach clip teaser for the film relates to an ancient African historical reference about Canus Feudal Lords and Bigfoots. Bigfoots and Canus Feudal Lords fought side by side in extremely ancient battles. Bigfoots were designed as warriors with high psychic abilities, intelligence and enormous physical power, dexterity. Canus Feudal Lords are what “Gandalf” from LOTR is about– “Gandalf” translates to wolf-soldier in Tolkien language. The Hobbits? Didn’t they have BIG FEET? See how we’re being told of an ancient African occurrence in coded language by an author who had access to secret libraries of ancient history? This is what we’re getting at. The most ancient martial art is that of the most ancient wars. PASSY’s experience is training. The STRANGE MAN pulls up a second artifact which strongly resembles a dog’s penis. Gross as this is, it’s entirely intentional. If you see Planet of the Apes movies, they make it clear about the war between cats and dogs, which represent masculine and feminine. The feline in our story is the stabilizing chemical; for the Canus characterization. Genetic design, religion and rebirth are the themes. Fun stuff!

The time struggle for this has definitely gotten to Dana. Anyone looking and wondering ‘why the f is it taking so long, I mean shut up! Come on! Bullshit…this is stupid…’ or whatever else are well founded in their descriptions. The unnaturally lengthy time has a great deal to do with the real threats SCi CO has faced and the responsibility of Dana as a film maker to complete or abandon the film– in order to protect the safety of the cast and crew. Katy Roe’s disappearance shook Dana a lot more than the fake shooting in Newport and at that point he started to take very seriously what this insane criminal element in this government was doing. At this point we feel that it’s better all around to just get the film out, it would be less safe than not to. People need to see the film and they can make their own decisions about the controversy. In fact, the intimidation and fraud is set to backfire because it could become a lot of wind in our sails for –MAKING CASH!!!!! That’s right, each and every SCi CO production team member gets a piece of the pie. We’re going for gold, we want the money.

Dana has other projects for feature film making but is not entertaining anything else at this point. Craig has requested he film a video for “My Sunshine” because ‘it’s a hit’ and needs to be promoted. One treatment Dana has written is about a town where random people start turning into ‘hot chicks’. So some 54 year old father and husband becomes a 20 year old ‘hot chick’. Some children do, too. Some women- anyone and everyone can suddenly change into a ‘hot chick’. Then some volunteers at a local animal shelter ( all ‘hot chicks’ ) notice the animals are spelling out complex messages with their articulated movements, which requires a supercomputer to interpret. What’s the connection? FUN! Then there’s KUK FU which is a martial arts comedy but will take a fairly large budget. We’d be comfortable making that film with about $60,000. We can make the hot chick movie for under $20k for sure.

So right now we’re back on track and dealing with a system upgrade and going to work on Scene 5, which started today. Dana’s schedule is the biggest advantage we have because right now he’s not needing to work 40-50 hours a week and can devote a lot of his hours to this film–finally. This has also been one of the most gigantic factors, that Dana suddenly had to go back to a 9-6 kind of job which left him exhausted and less able to get into a flow with concentration on the film work.

We’re comfortable with the film being released in the next few months, hopefully the next few weeks meaning we’re not as dismayed as previously have been by the incredible slowness of the progress. We were feeling that we’ve let the cast and crew down, were unable to fulfill promises but we didn’t want to express what the specific problems were, especially about the acts of Terrorism against SCi CO Films and Dana himself, not to mention Katy Roe. Katy received a copy of a short story by Dana and critiqued it just before the crime happened to her, so it does touch upon some creative processes for Dana and it’s very painful still to deal with that upset.

We want a comedy and we want to make money. We want to compete at festivals around the world and see audiences respond. We want to garner production assistance with investors or production company cooperation. We want to see the movie on Netflix or Hulu, Amazon Prime or Crackle. We want to see the actors recognized for their truly UNCANNY AND FUCKIN AMAZING performances! Truly! The acting in this motion picture is astonishing. We got brilliant performances from every single person in the entire cast, some of it holds up in SCi CO’s mind to some of the best acting we’ve seen– in any movie, at any level or production. Laura Welsh– hilarious, deep, intelligent, poised, strong as hell, raw.¬†Wow. Hayley McCurdy? Electric! This is the most intense performance I recall seeing since Al Pacino in “Dog Day Afternoon” and we’re not bluffing! Roland Stafford — heavy. He’s a heavy and can handle any acting job. This guy supports the whole film with fiery to funny, introspective to eccentric, whimsical to casual. John Branch– impossible to describe without just saying “MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY” . That guy is so good that just a short film with the MUC and PASSY scene would probably make us money, solely for his outrageously hilarious and devious MUC performance. Who the hell can talk to statuary for 3.5 minutes without boring the audience? The guy is a natural. An actual cartoon man in the flesh. We could go on and on but let’s get back to work, shall we!?

Here’s the MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY theme music with Jason Shaw’s composition of guitar and trumpet which Dana added banjo and tuba too. Ever heard a Mexican banjo song? We got it!


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