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May 4 2020

Dana had to go back to work again unfortunately. There’s also a major stress and intimidation factor that we’re no longer going to keep off this site. SCi CO FILMS and all of its cast/crew members have been directly *threatened* over the making of this film. Dana feels intimidated by his government. After the beating, starvation, false imprisonment, harassment, demands to stop his art/film making by Vermont police and their government, he moved to OR to make a new start. Fortunately, because Oregonian talent was so incredibly off the hook amazing and copacetic, we got an entire $10,000 budgeted film with zombie makeup, prop clam, original string sextet performed by real string players, access to the now renovated never to be the same again location of the magical Sea Lion Caves in Florence, OR… we pulled it off! We actually got a film in the can worth watching. SCi CO has sung the praises of its talent from the very first moment of the project taking shape and the talent is what made this possible at all. We are afloat not because of the thousands of man hours Dana himself has put in with the $15000 investment (credit cards, loans, spare cash over the last four+years) but because of the inspiring talent we have.

These threats are real. The Newport Police Department in OR made a false shooting video with an actor, sound byte gunfire inserted into the clip. The actor resembled by his movements very clearly the actor Kevin S. Martin in “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!”. This shooting event took place within minutes of Dana being off the phone with a Judge and Ken Picard of Seven Days newspaper in Vermont. Seven Days newspaper with Ken Picard defrauded Dana’s last film where he was beaten, starved, intimidated, imprisoned twice, his cat starved to near death while the crooked rape crisis center literally took his entire film project for themselves, mimicking its properties and eventually selling art through their State House building! Their open fraud and swindle with infringements is backed by intimidation, homicide, racketeering, rape, terrorism, etc. Ken Picard also predicted the death and disappearance of Katy Roe, who knew Dana and worked in Safeway in Newport, OR. After Dana claimed to crack the 11 9 69 Zodiac Killer Cryptogram, an article appeared in 5 major newspaper nationally published about a black Smart Car (same make, model and color as “Passy’s” car in the film!) parked outside the restaurant Karmen Spiller and Dana appear in for the opening dialogue of the movie. That Smart Car was parked perpendicular to the curb, making the ZK symbol and then there’s a reference to a t-shirt shop above it. A cop’s shoulder in the picture from the article touches the t-shirt shop where another ZK symbol is, a cross within a circle. A month later, on the left shoulder of a Russian aircraft pilot was shown in Ken Picard’s article with the name “R O E” on his shoulder.

Dana has been nearly murdered by Portland Police Bureau and right on video. After Dana was released from a hospital, his hard drives disappeared along with his notes– notes that include invention designs, art, poetry, musical copyrights, philosophical and scientific statements which he created during his years in Los Angeles, where he was under contract with Winslow Court Studios to produce original songs for recording. That murder attempt and property theft by BPD also shows the cops interacting with his computer, right on camera– turning off the camera before seizing his computer, to take over SCi CO FILMS property to use for the PPB.

Dana believes the Seattle Train Wreck was also premeditated by Ken Picard with Seven Days newspaper of Vermont because using the same cipher as the fraud and swindle law code 1341 which is used in the article libeling, raping, defrauding, infringing and murdering Dana reveals the zip code for the county of the train wreck, and the feature from that article resembles a person directly involved with Dana’s childhood– Brad McKeon, who bullied Dana as a youth (but chickened out for a fight when Dana confronted him).

This Terrorism is infecting the film making process and making Dana feel scared for the lives and livelihoods of his cast. This psychological blockade against the completion of this picture has grossly affected his ability to work on it with a clear mind or an expectation that all members of the cast and crew will remain healthy and alive after it is published. This is real and we have avoided discussing these issues since making our new business site, though cast and crew members received many newsletters clearly illustrating these scenarios. Another one relates to the Tunisian beach massacre, where politician Peter Welch of VT (who was involved with the fraud) went to Tunisia, made a sweetheart deal with the Democratic Party and the leader of Tunisia– then this hideously false and silly ‘terror’ event took place, with fake blood all over a beach and all kinds of unbelievable drama and imagery. The main characters of that fiasco resemble clearly the PASSY and LUMBERJACK WIFE character– the actor of the latter possessing almost identical last name to the politician. The shirt of the male in that terror event is the same blue collared shirt exactly as the PASSY character has on. Another facet of this is Laura Welsh’s boyfriend Matt Lande posted a threatening and suspicious picture involving phone booths, Katy Roe’s name, Depoe Bay (where she was murdered/abducted…Dana did research on this and the official news story did NOT include the ‘pursuit’ noted by police on the night at the time she disappeared…she was ‘pursued’ according to them) and Dana’s identity. In other words, Lande threatened Dana and confessed to involvement of the Katy Roe terror-abduction-rape-murder event, as Dana sees it. His interpretation is that it corresponds with an NBC episode and a certain Warner Brothers musical act. Prince was an issue at the time of the Roe event, a false character named “Wood” also disappeared in this scheme creating the Roe v Wood/Wade scenario. The ZK cryptogram revealed according to Dana that it had direct connections to abortion/breeding rings, going back to Jack the Ripper. We know this gets ‘out there’ and very advanced in its theorization, but the evidence is clear and the response from police and people like Lande have made it clear it’s dead-on balls accurate.

These acts of warfare have suppressed this film company and Dana’s health, prosperity and ability to grow as an artist or produce a body of work. Every report attempted by Dana has resulted in a stonewalling by this government and he feels living under threat has become normal.

The reasons for the unnatural lengthy delay has a lot more to do with these problems than any technical, time or labor barrier, motivation, financial issues or anything else and we’re tired of pressing back against an insane, criminal government which is abusing rights so badly as to remove Free Speech or power to make money, get legal justice, etc. Now that we are in a COVID state of fascism and people clearly see for the first time how insane their government is, how uninterested in its rights or industry, free speech or any other right, perhaps these claims against the government can be more believable but the evidence for it is all public domain and irrefutable.

At this time, Dana has dealt with the inner demons and the threats. FUCK THEM is the summation. We’re putting this motherfuckin’ film out and we’re gonna make some fuckin money together. We’re not letting this government intimidate us and we’re not going to take any of their shit. If they want to try a third time to beat Dana to death with cops, Dana might defend himself with everything he’s got– on legal grounds. He has been in concert with three governments specifically about asylum, protections, legal justice, etc. This situation is not going to impede him or this film company any further.

What we’re doing on the practical side of SCi CO Films is upgrading. We’ve invested in a new computer system which will reduce the load on our old one. It will also create a possibility for re-design of our websites, movie posters and promo art, production of music (which Dana has not been able to do for going on three years now, not from home as he used to). We’re at the point where the film itself is complete but needs to be stitched together, which can be done with our new system. The audio engineer is going to receive his files and work with them while the rough version is being put out for film festival competition and possibly to earn a buck. We’re pressing onward after a lot of toil and introspection, dealing with intense problems not humanly possible to deal with any other way. We have next to no money and we’re frazzled from the abuses forced on us by this insane Communist or Fascist government. The only course is to complete the film, release it and then force the government itself to deal with all the fallout from the history of this film’s production. That’s not on us– they OWE us and they will be defended from if they continue to attack us.

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