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may 11

The clam footage is delightful to work with because it appears we have much more fun and exciting realistic stuff than anticipated. This was really lacking in the production when we shot and then in the final edits, was just nothing with much motion to give us the satisfaction of animation for the clam prop! We shot a pretty intense date with the clam on the beach attached to a 2×4 and to a fishing pole. Of the 30 or 40 minutes or whatever was bagged that day, all of maybe 20-25 seconds are usable– but they are good! We’ve got an ultra low-budget film here and it looks like one here but the pizazz of the clamminess is coming out enough to augment where it just was needed so badly. This was a fairly large concern since the whole film centers around the clam itself and this minute little span of sequential clam racing on sand is barely enough to propel us over the top in our minds for the characterization to solidify in the perception. There’s no other scene we’ll insert clam action, but we’ve prepared for this a long while. There will be a bit of sound work for the 20ish seconds of new stuff but that’s not too challenging, fortunately. The system is doing fine, in fact performance is much improved for unknown reasons. We’re thrilled to be cementing this scene for finalization of the audio by Green Light Studios. At this point, the timing honestly feels right and just. This picture is pretty huge for the budget and the experience level of the zany film maker, it takes its own time and has its own maturation process just as a life form. Perhaps it’s only just right.

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