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March 8

Clyde Lewis has delivered his Voice over for the trailer! He also *drumroll* has done a voice over for the CHAT MODEL ad! He’s brilliant! This guy’s voice is like a dream. We’re overwhelmed by excitement. We wrote a new script for the trailer and will be cutting it to that.

Josh at Greenlight got new notes, more refinements to do from Dana. We have come this far, we may as well be meticulous where it’s required and get the maximum quality. We’re moving onto the next scene officially this coming week, Dana is preparing the files for Josh Mon/Tues, will begin with them Wed. Dana is working more than full time to pay for all the film company needs and this obviously is a huge time drain. We’re making steady progress and not wasting a second. The film is complete, we’re polishing and doing minute touches for each scene before giving them for Final Audio Mixing. Josh has done a marvelous job with a more than challenging scene, let’s see how he works with the stuff that is not nearly so challenged. He has been informed of the time-strain Dana is experiencing and is moving as fast as possible.

We’ll post the new voice over on the website once it’s all edited and music is added. Stay tuned!!!!

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