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March 28

Dana is getting ready to do 2-3 weeks of work without any job distractions. The COVID issue has made income extremely low and time more pressed than ever, but the opportunity exists with careful preparation to take the time. During this time period the jobs will be: composite of the segments to create the final cut, cutting of preview trailer, working on technical issues with the system. This requires a great deal of time and patience because there are some obstacles and they cannot be hastened. We’re at a point where the film can be released in its state but we need a complete product with credits, etc. before entering, obviously. When we isolate the last possible edit version of the scenes we’ll be splicing together, they will be unchangeable ever again. The tiniest difference cannot be made once its prepared and delivered for an audio mix. Subtle changes are being worked on for a couple of scenes, the rest are just going to be pored over for details but not changed, most likely. Thus this is largely a technical enterprise at this point. Dana has not afforded a new computer system by this time so we’re slowed down by a clunkier one. We’re also creating a brand new cold storage backup for SCi CO properties, which takes oodles and oodles of time.

Dana is probably going to be getting one of those nifty stimulus checks but we’ve created an opportunity to work without receiving one. If he does receive it, then it will make the amount of time necessary for the final cut completion very comfortable. If he does not (which would only be to some crazy fine print issue, he does work more than full time and file taxes) then it will be a tighter squeeze but still realistic to get done.

The feeling for us is that this film is sort of hanging on the point of beginning to age past the point where it’s going to be fresh enough for al the humor too manifest. We are at the point of birth, where we must get it released, there’s no more room for delays and whatever limitations there are simply must be overcome. We also really don’t feel like dealing with “Clams…” for very much longer, and we’d like to see what we will be able to do with the next project. If we perform well at festivals, the doors will open wider for the next films.

Watch for news!

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