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March 16

SCi CO has decided to put the movie together with rougher sound on the remaining cuts, but still pay/work with Josh at Greenlight for an improved sound mix. We are unable to wait for Josh in his work, it’s taking too long.

The KOVID issue has been a step backward and a step forward. Dana’s job is no longer making income, so he’ll be able to devote some time to this post work which will be aimed at producing a working final cut version, meaning a file that will have the completed scenes all strung together. This is the new goal for us because Josh is just not working fast enough. We cannot wait another 6 months for Greenlight to produce our audio mixes. This month Dana will begin to assemble the final cut (which is quite a job, just creating the file). We’ll be working with our video fx people to implement the changes we need, which are minimal. The video fx turnaround is often 1-3 days, not 1-3 months so we’ve waited on the video to achieve the final cuts for each scene, to make sure no teeny tiny changes at the last second would negate any progress for fx implementation.

We are at the point where we’re going to put this film out in the condition that it’s in, and all we’re doing now is assembling that final cut. Our plan will be to compete with the film as-is then make improvements to the soundtrack later, updating it for the festivals at the time its ready.


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