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Jan 8

We’ve reviewed the scene work for preparation to delivery scenes to Josh at Green Light Studios for the remaining sequences. This led to us seeing many of them with fresh perspectives on a large screen. Fortunately, most of the action translates extremely well to the amplification of a giant view. There are some things which do suffer for the scale difference but they are relatively minor and in a couple of cases very fixable. Some music will be replaced before the final cut, some slight sound adjustments and modifications, very minor editing details. We were surprised by how good the sound is for the EPSTEIN MURDER without re-editing that with the new performance recordings which were done with Green Light. Overall, it was a more than encouraging review and we are feeling very fortunate to recognize serious potential for the performance of the motion picture. The acting is so brilliant and the ‘story’ is unusual…we’re feeling successful creatively with the delivery of the screenplay to the final cut. It also is clear that there is a potentiality for financial rewards for the product which is motivating us to work faster, harder and with more attention to detail.

We’re now settling into the final design for the Amazon poster image which will have imagery from the movie, especially the clam with a modern feel. We like the original poster we have already a lot more than we used to and feel it could continue to serve well for the purposes if it has some modification to its titling. Right now we’re focusing entirely on completion of the sound and this is a very good place for this situation.

Stay tuned!!!

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