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Jan 6

We’ve gotten the first sample back from Josh at Greenlight and it’s clearly making a considerable improvement. Our goal here is just to meet technical standards for online platform distribution and to spruce up the overall quality for enjoyability of the audiences. It has serious challenges for two of the scenes, extremely excellent sound for another two, pretty good to not bad for the rest. Josh is now working with the one with arguably the most major sound obstacles. He is totally unworried, undaunted and hardly notices them. He’s asked me to review his work on one of the audio clips to see if he’s doing ‘too much’ (“adding artifacts’ was his term…). It sounds fabulous. We are working with live mic sound from a heavily trafficked highway in front of a convenience store without any ADR (audio replacement for lines). Does this sound like we could possibly come out ok? I mean…wow! The mic we used was the cheapest one on the market for pro film making, a couple hundred or so. We’re in tremendously good shape here for what was expected as far as sound and to have this kind of help from Josh at Green Light Studios is a blessing. He is amazingly talented, maybe one of the best on the whole west coast believe it or not and he’s giving us a friend deal. We’re blessed here!

We are settled on “Figures” for the next film and this will be shot completely different than “Clams…”. First and foremost, we will have improved sound capturing and put ADR work for all actors in the contract, of course. We really made “Clams…” sort of on the fly, sort of improvising how to make a film from the beginning. Dana was inexperienced with the sound especially and that’s where we’ve had the most delays, the most labor, the most cost for corrections, etc. Thus we are amply funding the sound for next film and will be offering creative solutions for certain situations, especially for the LIVE theater portion of the “Figures” movie. Dana is working on a play for the film which will be part of the movie but not the basis for it, meaning the film will be a separate narrative and the play will be composed specifically to continue operating as a play continuously and independent of a film. This film needs to be made and it will be an unusual movie with fine art, string quartets composed for each survivor story, the live theater portion but then also the documentarian portion for what took place against the film maker for attempting to make a movie at all about rape survivors. Dana was beaten, starved, falsely imprisoned, threatened and intimidated– all by police, a very crooked rape crisis center and a large alternative newspaper. This a huge situation and Dana was almost killed by police who he has on tape commanding him not to make his film since the rape crisis center was more qualified, after they were invited to share earnings with Dana for making a film which including a story from their center! Crazy… that will be interesting and we’ve already got some major talent look for the audition sides.

Stay tuned, this is going to be a great year..

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