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Jan 4 2020

We are awaiting Josh’s return from his first work, finally on the film. We’ve had a lot of communication and technical obstacles from the point he’s received the files, then we had X-mas holiday and he’s been back at work.

At this point, we’ve recognized that there’s nothing much more we can do as film makers for “Raiders…” and have settled into thinking for the next picture. We have room to ideate about it and being the preparations, which will be a long time before coming to fruition for production. We were not really able to entertain much more than conceptualization before and now at the juncture with this post-production work being at its final stage with sound drawing out the timeline for release, we’re finding it an excellent opportunity this way.

Rather quickly it was decided by Dana that he will not be doing another comedy or horror film. He is much too bothered by the situation from the film “Figures” he had which was stopped by a corrupt organization in Vermont, when he lived there. “Figures” can be done very inexpensively, with a lot of creativity for the film making art itself, and fast– at least by comparison. We expect it to take less than a year and we’re not being funny. What we’ve learned from “Raiders..” will cut huge amounts of work in post production and we are familiar with all of the aspects from screenplay to the point where are now with “Raiders…” thus have more confidence about what we’re facing. “Figures” will be done as a theatrical hybrid film, some of it taking place on stage with a live audience. We also will be getting very creative with certain fine art aspects of the expression. The entire film is about sexual assault survivor stories in their own words but what happened to Dana after he tried to make this film is a story which will be interpolated within those narratives. There also will be original string quartets for each story, probably five or six. It’s not clear how all this will be handled creatively but it is clear that it is going to be the next film. After that has been released, perhaps Dana can move on to having fun again with comedies, of which there are several scripts either ready to go or ready to be developed from treatments or 1st draft compositions.

We’ll be looking for Josh’s email about his completion of Scene 1 within the next few days. We have more ready to go for him. The expense of his services is a lot for this budget and thus Dana is having to work a lot of hours to compensate. We’re growing happier with the film itself and more appreciative of what we have. We have accomplished a major amount of work already and endured some hardships that would challenge any film maker with any budget to keep going. We’re looking great and will have something that will hopefully entertain and brighten people’s lives for many generations to come. Also, we hope to make a good profit with it for everybody and that is seeming more and more possible with the more work being accomplished with it. The MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY scene is ten times better than the version anyone has seen, it was totally overhauled and we’re looking great with the other scenes. This is a longass time to get this done but we’re in a good situation with a lot to expect when it starts to perform as a motion picture.

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