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Jan 15

Josh is using scene examples from several movies to give him perspective on how to approach finalizing his vision on the COWBOY scene audio. This has been one snail pace to get this far with the audio mix, but this is the only way we were able to establish a rhythm getting past technical barriers, organization issues, creative concept dialogues and schedule conflicts for a major studio in WA. The good news is that we are in the best hands we could be with the audio, a real artist who is a detail oriented master with finessing the right sounds and creating solutions for issues such as slight buzz or what have you on a track… and we’re getting a bargain rate. So we cannot possibly do better and the next bit of good news is that we won’t have the same barriers to progress in terms of time for the next tracks. We now know how each other operates for the mix process and have a steady communication line to observe progress on the production.

Dana is right now working as much as possible to get things covered for the audio mix (as well as his own needs). We are also covering a payment to Jennifer Batten, the world famous guitarist who worked with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck among others. She will be recording guitar work for “Bach In Socket: Guitars” which is the music played on electric guitar!

We do have some fun news as well for the film. Clyde Lewis who hosts the #1 radio show in the area with 30 million plus listeners is sighted on to do his voice over for the PREVIEW TRAILER which we are about to put together. This is a plan we’ve had on the back burner a while and it’s coming to fruition presently. Clyde met with Dana and discussed his participation (as well as other fascinating deeper subjects) and we’ll be putting that recording of his together probably within a few weeks or less. It’s at this point a question of getting his payment and providing him with the script then allowing him some time to find for recording his work. Clyde is a master voice over artist with many credits including Citizen Toxie by Troma– the world’s best trash horror movie production outfit in the history of motion pictures! Clyde ironically knows Jennifer Batten from his previous work on a paranormal show, which apparently is a fascination of hers as well to some extent. Clyd’es show GROUND ZERO can be heard M-F I believe 7p-12.

“Figures” is slowly coalescing into a screenplay concept. We have a play in the middle with the survivor accounts and how we’re dealing with this is touching about the trauma and devastation of the sufferings from attempting to make the film the last time. We’re also dealing with libel and a lot of time, thus we’re probably going to excise a few and keep a few from the original, then provide new ones or an alternate episode which will be creatively tied to the script. This is going to be a challenging work and it is forcing Dana to confront a lot of painful history from his being abused so horrifically by Vermont government and their cliquish businesses but it is also dramatically inspiring with a lot of potential for expression which will be entertaining and healing. The deviation from comedies will likely be one film only as Dana has several comedy scripts ready to go as well as concepts for a few others which would be fairly fast to prepare for production. They are good screenplays and have a lot of fun and excitement to them, so we will want to be pressing onward once we’ve accomplished “Figures”. The primary focus for that will be to bring attention to the tragic issues which were inflicted on Dana in so corrupt and illegal, such an open and obvious public manner as well as to bring the original subject matter out which has been censored for ten years. Also we will have the opportunity to engage in legal action with tremendous amounts of evidence for making big claims with the insane posse who runs things over in that part of the country. We want the money and the healing. Give us free!

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