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Feb 27 II

Dana spoke with Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero, the #1 radio program of Portland, OR, one of the top radio voices in the whole country. His show is brilliant, absolutely mesmerizing from an actual and authentic genius. Well Clyde *loves* to do local independently produced horror films and we’re giving him the NARRATION role for the trailer to Clams!!! We’ll try and sneak in some Voice Over work from him for the CHAT MODEL TV AD, which would be nice to have his credit in the actual film. This is pretty big news for SCi CO and we might even be able to get some plugs on his show, which would mean some *cha-ching* for all of us! Click the Home link below to see Ground Zero’s official website! This is a prodigious library from shows spanning back to 1995.

Clyde Lewis, ladies and gentlemen!!!



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