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We are working with Josh closely to establish a technical narrative between us for communicating appropriately dealing with specific tasks. An issue with the second half of the clip he’s working with was requiring some attention and it was a test for the system we’re completing the picture with, which had some surgery recently because of overloading the memory. It’s working fine though a bit slower than before and Josh is ready to being the second half.

Dana invested in a gigantic 55″ computer monitor (which are shockingly cheap these days) and the film looks much better than expected on the large screen. Dana watches a lot of films and ours is not looking too bad for such a tiny budget and a strained production which barely saw things get completed each time we shot on a date. We were very lucky to get the movie filmed in its entirety at all and are extremely fortunate as well to have the final cut looking as good as it does! It’s quite encouraging.

As far as the timing and the progress on this production, our only focus at present is completing this movie! We cannot move any faster than we are with our audio mixer and that work is fortunately very speedy for what it is once he gets to it. It’s sort of like a dog winding around before settling into just the right spot to take a long nap or chew a bone. We’re getting down to the flow and it’s definitely excellent news. We’re doing day-by-day with this and feeling a squeeze, pushing this out as carefully but quickly as we can. We’re not cutting corners and we’re taking care of certain things which a lot of film makers do not so we can have a better product in the long term. Dana and Josh are emailing a few times a week at this point and the work has begun to get done, thus we would like to keep this going. Dana has familiarized himself with the process for preparation of the audio files to send to Josh, they are both now more aware of how this is all going to work after much interplay over the past weeks. It is coalescing, though it did have a delay.

We do have a new concept for another motion picture production but we’re not focusing on anything new right now. Dana had a brainstorm for a great horror film concept and that became pretty funny, so we’re keeping it on the back burner. We want to have something ready to go when we need it and one of the goals of completion for the film is to make the second one!

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