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Dec 30 2019

Josh at GLS Recording has updated us that he is going to have time to work with the tracks for the scene within the next couple of days. This is the game we will be playing for a couple of months, it looks like — feeding our audio guy his materials then conferring, dealing with his schedule, waiting for the work to be done by him. We’re getting into a rhythm and eliminating the issues that arise from a new process being kickstarted, and that will help accelerate us for the next segments. We know are clear on precisely how to organize, deliver and cope with specific tasks related to the audio mix which we have learned through experience working with this particular studios idiosyncrasies. At this point we’d like to move faster with the progress but we cannot pressure our position with Josh.

SCi CO has become increasingly uncomfortable with the release timing of this film, meaning we want to have it done already and ‘out there’. We’ve had delays with this project that are extreme and unpredictable, unusual for a lot of smaller productions (and in some ways, larger ones too). We’re highly motivated to put this picture out and see how it does but at the same time, we’re not willing to reduce our film’s quality. “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” will be riding a wave of search terms and free promo with a certain mega-blockbuster movie coming out in a couple of years which will bring massive new attention to the series. Thus we will want to have everything totally ready for prime time as possible by that point. We are doing what’s necessary to be taken seriously as a commercial film property– and it’s not the content we’re concerned for but the technical bar. We’re in good shape but by the skin of our teeth, so we want to pull through with perfect precision.

Dana has had a great concept come to him for a new horror film and will have his hands full once the work on this movie is finally wrapped. There’s also a few musical projects in the works, but SCi CO is streamlined in its ambitions for now, focusing on things we can get done without overloading ourselves. This film is a huge project for such a small outfit and we’re proud of where we are and what we’ve got. Once the fanfare begins for the movie, we’ll all be happy that the time and money were spent to perfect the piece rather than releasing something which is half-assed or not ready. The next production will be a lot slicker and pay more attention to economy of the calendar.

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