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Dec 28 2019

At this point, we’re working with Josh at Green Light Recording and on his schedule. Dana had to address some technical and organizational issues with the files he was presented and they’ve communicated again about this. A small technical problem was present and it has been impeding progress. At this point, Dana has given him another set of files which does appear to have the appropriate corrections to the way it must be presented to him for use in his work hours. This is something we’ll be going through once with Josh so we can learn what we need to feed him for each of the remaining segments. He has had a Christmas break and is now going over the new files. This afforded us a small opportunity to refine the dialogue slightly and we snuck in two new little moments in there that will improve our cut even further.

Working with the sound challenged segment of the MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY scene is great. Seeing the final cut with the sound all put together in its rough form is satisfying because we are finding it to be an entertaining, fun and interesting piece of work. The acting from John Branch is amazing, it’s actually so good that it’s occurring to us that a whole film with his character would be worthy of consideration, if it ever becomes possible somehow!? He’s really stellar, orbiting around some strange planet and riveting, deviously hilarious and utterly schizophrenic. Edgy, funny and intense! It’s exciting for us because we are going to see a major improvement for the sound and video ultimately before it is released. We are sealing and pressing the first segment right now and it’s exhilarating. It’s also giving us confidence and boosting our morale for the film itself as each segment is going to become an improved piece of the puzzle. We are in terrific shape here and pressing forward steadily. At this point we’re pushing to maximize the economy of the advancement towards the end with a new attitude for getting the most timely release available.

It’s exciting!

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