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Dec 12

Josh is working with the sound at Green Light studios. He’s had many false starts and some problems with the files. Dana worked some exhaustive hours for weeks on end to pay for many studio accoutrements and to stabilize his financial situation otherwise. We had some issues with Josh being able to use the files, having some issues of communication, etc. but we’re on a good line with it now and he is at this moment devoting himself to the task. Fortunately, once we get on a track with this it will be a lot faster and smoother for each successive segment. Dana is not working on anything but the movie right now, having no room in his packed schedule for anything. We simply want to release the picture in commercial quality form and then move on to the next projects.

Dana is coordinating at the moment to have a famous guitarist record an album of his music for Bach in Socket. This will take some months to complete and will largely be a role on the outside for Dana to get this album produced (hiring players and producers, etc.). At the end we will have a title worthy of some press and some promotion. It will be an excellent video to tag on the end of a release of the movie, for example and it will compliment the Holiday version.

We’re going to be locked into a rhythm with Josh here grinding out the sound. That’s the main and only focus. It’s taken a lot of work and patience to get to the point where his schedule is clear, Dana has all the money and time available for the preparation to hand Josh files to each. We are in a great position but feeling a lot of time pressure and are not pleased with the lengthy process to get this film out there. However, we do feel pleased with the place where are in terms of progress and the final stages of post production so we can be confident within our work and be able to launch our next production with the power of a completed project hopefully placing well in some international festival competitions.

In short, we’re in an uncomfortable spot as far as the slowness of our advancing with the work at this point but it will from this point very likely bottleneck and accelerate, such that it was a necessary evil to go through it to get up to this point where we can expect a quickened pace for the completion. It’s also very exciting because the work Josh is doing will go a long way to sealing the packaging, improving our quality and giving us a much brighter future with the property.

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