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SCi CO Films got started with an effort to produce a feature length film with under $10,000. Dana Graham Phelps attempted to make a film about sexual assault survivors in Burlington, Vermont but was beaten, defrauded, intimidated, libeled and infringed upon there by a network of criminals who literally stole the film for themselves. This led Dana to move to the West Coast and he wound up writing some scripts to produce there! “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” was originally “Razor Clams!!!” written after a meeting with the chef from Hallmark Resort, who answered Dana’s question about how many calories were in the meal. Dana specifically made a film with a character who was pudgy he could play versus a different script which would have required him to be leaner. SCi CO Films has a few music videos planned and is prepared to do another film from a number of screenplays ready to go to pre-production with.


Dana Graham: Sci Co founder
Dana Graham Phelps, SCi CO Films founder

Dana began producing films very young in his life with his childhood friend Ned Harris, who’s father Rich Harris had VHS video camera equipment. His deep study of cinematography, directing, editing, film scoring, film art, screenwriting and other facets of the trade were immersive for him during mostly his college years. His method of analysis for his favorite films utilized frame by frame examinations and exploration of emotional-psychological devices for furthering the entertainment into a film worthy of contention with historical confluences. When he moved to Hollywood, it was for songwriting not film making and he met up with Craig Parker Adams of Winslow Court Studios, who has partnered with him ever since. When he was young, Dana studied with Doug Doppler who had taken over for Joe Satriani when “Surfing With The Alien” made him a star. Doug introduced him to Kirk Hammett and Joe among others and offered him a full time instructor position there after just two years of study which Dana turned down ultimately to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. He became a composer of orchestral works beginning with a string quartet commissioned originally by another film maker in Vermont but ultimately Dana gave the work to North and South Koreas in honor of a friend of his, who had passed away. He has since composed a short symphony work for “Lycandroids”, a best selling novel by Robert D. Miles and Leslie S. Mitts, a wind ensemble for The National Federation of the Blind, an award winning ballet about faeries (Solaris Festival in Nice, France) and “Bach In Socket” which is a fresh line over 2-part JS Bach piano inventions. “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” is Dana’s first feature length film after a few short movies in college and a music video which did win an award in the Universal Multicultural Film Festival. The film has an original string sextet which is part of the storyline and performed within the film (while a certain zombifying event takes place!), the brief symphony “Lycandroids”, a couple of movements from the Ballet of Fairies, two original rap songs, original pop songs and an electronic synth score!

Some of his favorite directors have been Welles, Kurosawa, Spielberg, Lucas, Tarantino, Scorsese, Adrien Lyne, Kubrick, Hawkes, Soderbergh, Fellini, Milos Forman, Herzog, Roger Avery, Spike Lee, Frankenheimer, Friedkin, Polanski, FF Coppola, Woody Allen, Bergman, Cameron, Crowe, Lean, Zemeckis, Reitman, Altman, Dante, Ridley and Tony Scott, John Carpenter, Alan Parker, Paul Verhoeven, Bernardo Bertolucci, Michael Mann to name a few…