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July 8 2019 - SCI CO

July 8 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve completed work on the BIGFOOT Beach work, or Scene 3. What we did was touch up the BIGFOOT footage itself, place music at the end where the clam races off, we replaced music in the car to ZOMBIE PASSY’S THEME and we added sound effects to the BIGFOOT sequence where PASSY gets knocked over. The rest is as it was, but we will be replacing all the PASSY dialogue/Voice-Over after we get to the studio to re-record those lines, which looks like it will be next week some time.


The next work we’re doing is Scene 4- MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY. We ran into a hitch right away with the Johnny Western music. Unfortunately, the creative commons music library we used has changed its library listing and no longer has JW’s listed as CC! This is quite a bite, the resources is the largest one in the US for CC music and this is a bit shocking. We felt a bit skeptical at the time because Johnny Western is a big star from the old days, “Paladin” was written for CBS and is one of the most famous western songs of all times, and it was being offered as CC. This sort of thing does happen, a lot of old programming properties change hands and through some paperwork issues wind up in public domain. We were very very clear with the rights when we edited the music in but in double-checking and getting everything square for international releasing, we are finding this is not appearing to be the case.

If we are required to replace all of the western music cues, it will be time consuming and we might trim the video a good bit. We have all the jokes and segments aligned tightly with the music cues. There are some options but they are nowhere near as powerful. This will be more time and will alter the scene work. It is a rather long sequence with the MUC talking to statuary, being insane all by himself but it really works with this music. We’ll make some final effort to retain the Johnny Western stuff but have already spent a good bit of time preparing for the Plan B scenario and it does appear that’s the likely scenario we’ll have to deal with. It will work out fine but the vision of the filmmaking is going to be significantly altered and we’ll have to do some creative thinking to get the scene to sew together properly. This has already taken a few hours just to deal with the research on the issue and Dana is going to have to go back to work soon, possibly tomorrow. We’ll have to pick up where we left off at that point.


Other than the music issues, there’s not much to do with the MUC scene work. It’s all been fairly well polished. We’ll double check all the foley and get everything as smooth and fluid as possible, but the scene is done. There’s no need to replace any dialogue audio and it’s all been edited very succinctly.

Keep posted!