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July 3 2019 - SCI CO

July 3 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re getting pretty close to wrapping up work on Yurt Scene. This has been quite a lot of little touches here and there. We’ve hunted through lots of audio from actor takes to get the best fidelity and performances as well as to get their natural sound effects (such as sucking in some pot vapors, some laughs…some of this is from recordings which were not intended to be used by the actors but they wound up in the mix). There’s been a good bit of tweaking of the video clips to get nuanced zooms, tighter little sequences of actor reactions, an improvement in one spot for shot selection…many many small things which are adding up to a great increase in the overall entertainment value for this piece. It’s winding up to be quite a scene and a lot fresher, unexpectedly different with a lot more fun than we had before or expected we could get away within it. There’s a bit of work to do in adding cutaways of a keyboard from stock footage (which we have already prepared to insert), getting a few minor sound issues in the right place such as ambient/background white noise…things we’ve waited until we had the completion of the bigger parts of the sequence to get to. We’re now at that stage and will be honing the musical clip “FLAV’S THEME” with some effects to improve it’s overall impact. It’s strange music, like FLAV is odd and it is going to be the intro and outro score for the whole scene. There’s a delicate interplay between the two and we’ve had to be very careful and precise to get the dialogue to be on course with the video for an overall confluence. It’s very satisfying to see it culminating to fruition and we’re proud of the way it’s turning out.


We’re going to be continuing for many hours today and tomorrow to get as far as we can. We do expect to finish the work on the Yurt scene sometime today. It’s about done and we don’t have much room to play with at this point, it’s become a much tighter element and we’re satisfied with the content which was bettered from its previous state. GWALTNEY’S performance has increased in its potency and FLAV is getting a lot more amicable from the laughter we’ve found on his spare audio clips. This is winding up to be an interesting and charismatic scene where we were thinking it could be sort of clunky and abrupt.


Dana met yesterday with JEN TROY who is designing his Bach in Socket outfit, for the music videos we will get to when we have a chance. Everything is on hold right now until we can complete this film but we’re preparing for production of several music videos produced on one single day of shooting with a soundstage in Portland, some dancers, some models and some very short musical numbers.