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Finished With Supplemental Shooting! - SCI CO

Finished With Supplemental Shooting!

Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO Films worked with ASHLEY BORNTRAGER today. She did a fabulous job with some brand new lines and we are now officially done with shooting for the CHAT MODEL scene! Ashley had fun with the lines, brought some beauty and poise to the role, enlivened it with a natural flair. Hats off to Ms. BORNTRAGER!

Dana is now hunkering down for the last push on this film before we release. SCi CO Films did not win the UMFilms.Org Festival but it gave us tremendous boosts to confidence since out $0 budgeted music video was competing with productions with full crews, major budgets, etc. These were from international sources. Thus it was quite an honor. “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” has a micro-budget and we’ve heard insight that it does appear to be a higher budgeted film than the $10,000 or so it actually cost. We’re not expecting to win Cannes here but we may get some recognition with the property once its done. And more importantly, SCi CO Films might align with a larger production company for a major budgeted effort in a future film.


The next project will be “Figures” and this new project will be streamlined. It is being designed from the ground up to be expedient, minimal locations, tightened sound and video production. We are working on the budget for it at present, not sure where it’s going to be for that but we have some options that are looking good. We have already got talent which wants ‘in’ and we have hired a wardrobe person. The screenplay for “Figures” will be an unusual one– it is going to be the reinvention of the film that Dana was in the act of making in Vermont when he was brutally assaulted, intimidated to stop production of it. The history since spans 8 years and the movie will document the relevant events which transpired since then. The theme of the movie is in extreme contrast with “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” — “Figures” is a docudrama about sexual assault survivors. We will have about 6 actors total in the same location, then the rest will be narrative with a lot of editing magic. The movie will include original string quartets and probably acrylic oil paintings to accompany the survivor accounts.


Dana will be focusing on the completion of “Raiders…” as the first priority of SCi CO. He is working on “Shuke’s War” during the breaks (which is nearing halfway done for the 4th edit). has been reserved and we have a poster in mind for that once “Raiders…” is done. Between the two movie productions will be a few music videos for “Bach in Socket” (album) and SCi CO Music’s ballet works.┬áHere’s a picture from the video of the beautiful and amazingly talented ASHLEY BORNTRAGER and we’ll link you to a sound file of SCi CO Music’s addition to the National Federation of the Blind Vancouver chapter which is for their fundraiser. Dana composed a wind ensemble (string trio with bassoon, flute and oboe) as a Ringtone and Jingle to help them raise money. This is a donation where they can receive 100% of the earnings to help the great cause.