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March 21 2019 - SCI CO

March 21 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

We shot another date with Elora Null to tighten up the scene work. We were a bit rusty on our first date, the second one with Joey Darke was solid, and this last one was excellent. We have one more with Elora (short on time yesterday) and are planning the final date of production for that segment accordingly.


SCi CO has begun preparations for a second feature film! This is a motivating factor to get “Raiders…” wrapped up and released. The next picture will be extremely taut in its production schedule — nothing like the lengthy elaborateness of “Raiders…”. In fact, will be entirely filmed within a month on probably one or two locations with minimal wardrobe, props, set design. There is almost no action to the picture. We want to have it complete and ready to compete in the marketplace by Christmas. This is really pushing “Raiders…” out and we are not wasting any time.

Dana is busy with 4th edit of “Shuke’s War”. The book needed a lot of work up to the 100th page, which is where we are now. Early criticism from inside is telling us that it is remarkably improved. We’re nearing completion of that work, it’s not going to need a huge amount of hours for edit 5 though 4 is a bit more work than anticipated. We’re getting very close to the finished product on the book. Dana has already begun researching “Sword of Christ” which is a non-fiction work and that will be a lot speedier. Whatever fiction work he may take on later will be faster and easier than “Shuke’s War” from the amount he has learned from this venture.

There’s a lot going on with music video production for SCi CO. We have three music videos planned for the next few months. They will be shot mostly in one day on a stage with talented actors, models and dancers. We have a wardrobe person and have already recruited some talent for this. These are marketing videos for the music of SCi CO.


Bach in Socket is completed in its recording and we are waiting on the completion of post-production from Craig Parker Adams (who appears in his studio as a cameo role in “Raiders…”!). Two of the music videos in pre-production now are for the BiS works.


We couldn’t be busier, we’re on a good track here and finally getting close to the point of release for “Raiders…”. We want to start the production for the next film by June.