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Feb 6 2019 Update - SCI CO

Feb 6 2019 Update

Posted by Dana Phelps

Today SCi CO is getting help with the video post production. We’re very close to the finish line here. Going over the footage, it’s clear we have some polishing to do for sound and a teeny bit of tightening for the video. The polishing is getting us more and more refinement, a much better quality product. We’re excited by the content and once we have a firm handle on the video post (blurred faces, ufo insertion, digital special fx, shaky/soft focus corrections, titling/credits) then we will be in command of the last of the work necessary to complete. The polishing will be done over and over and over and over and over and over etc. again until we are really at the maximal level for our film segments. The acting is phenomenal, the makeup and props are superb, we have some lucky takes and some barely over the bar takes…all in all we feel that the budget will be extremely well justified. If you take a look at productions with a $10,000 budget for a feature film, most award winning productions have stable cameras with very poor sound. We are ambitious for our capital investment and got some really stellar work in there.


Stay tuned for an update tonight on the post production tutoring/application.