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Update Feb 3 - SCI CO

Update Feb 3

Posted by Dana Phelps

We have paid the fabricator to make us a movie title! This will give us the needed zing for the opening credits and for our poster. We won’t be using a pre-made font but a custom made 2d sculpture which will be filmed then layered into the opening credits. This is an investment for marketing as well as for the entertainment value of the film.


Dana is making headway on his progress with the video post. It’s been quite an uphill battle to get a handle on the technical aspects of the software but we’re getting help. This coming week we have a meeting with a Special Effects professional who is coming into SCi CO Studios to tutor and apply necessary help in the After Effects platform where it’s sorely needed! The task list is very minimal and concise, we will maximize the time and hopefully get most of it done with some real education for Dana with whatever else he needs to accomplish. This is a major breakthrough for us here, we’ve been occupied with the video post production for many many many hours and it’s frustrating to do this from tutorials/forums alone. This expertise will apply directly to the results of the motion picture and we’re thrilled to have our new person onboard. Absolutely great!

Stay tuned for the titling soon! We will have that this coming week as well as some screen captures from our talent who is being filmed today.