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Feb 1 2019 Update - SCI CO

Feb 1 2019 Update

Posted by Dana Phelps

Things are going well but slow with video post production. The learning curve is pretty intense for After Effects, but we’re making progress. Dana is busy with a lot of things and this is a daily grind for the film which is yielding some new skill for the software but is proving to have a new obstacle everyday. We did go ahead and advertise for some technical help and we are discussing offers. If we are able to afford it, we will wind up hiring out for all or most of the stuff Dana just doesn’t want to do or cannot do in good time. But it can be said that the progress is great, the technical obstacles are not insurmountable and we’re almost to the point where we can get through the rest of the tasks without too much more help, really. It will be easier, faster and slicker if we get someone to help us out, there is one person who really wants the job and is offering a low bid.


We begin shooting with the new talent for the tv commercial scene this weekend. There’s still some actors auditioning for some of the lines, too! Another actor is hopefully going to be able to make it in next week. There’s new lines for the scene and it is looking pretty good.


The improvements to the Chowder Bowl scene are extremely good for the film and we’re enthusiastic about the project. We are plugging away each and every day, not wasting any time. We’re finally and sincerely at the very finish line here and feeling confident with what we have, though nothing close to cocky. We are proud of the work leading up to the point, overcoming adversities and sticking with the project. We have a lot of optimism about the commercial viability as a low low budget picture and are looking to Southeast Asia for some theatrical runs to test our markets out. We’re not sure yet but Amazon or Netflix is the online distribution route we can guarantee as an option for us.

Thanks again for everybody’s patience! We can say that it’s a highly encouraging situation for us, the effects load for the tech work is extremely minimal and we’re past the biggest hurtles for getting that all started. If Dana does it on his own or if we have the assistance we’d like to have, either way we’re rolling onward and right on track.