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Jan 26 Update - SCI CO

Jan 26 Update

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve replaced the VIOLETZ scene work which had the ‘stabilization’ with the raw footage and everything is synched up! This took quite a bit of finesse and we also polished up the scene, tweaked a certain sound gimmick to add a punch line, then increased the cue size for Shimmer Fairies ballet music. We’re now focusing completely on the blurring of faces which we were about to accomplish before but had to wait until we had the finalized video clip to work from. We’re comfortable with the blur face process now and it will be purely technical work to get that done, we know how to do it (after tutorials and hours of frustration with failures). The next scene will be the Yurt scene with FLAV and WISE GREY HAIRED MAN which is going to require some minor stabilization of the camera (if at all) and we’ll add a UFO layer. This means we put a UFO into the scene using a separate video that Dana produced in Newport from some secret props:) Muhuhuhuaaa! The scene we just completed work on was needing the most refinement, the sound was very difficult to work from and it had the stabilization issue, some minor video editing work to be done and the music cue to add. We put in a lot of new sounds for STRANGE MAN’s characterization and it finally comes across as humorous, full and complete, a very good portrayal. Before this we felt it was a bit flat and not quite leaping out at us as the audience very well– not bad but not highly entertaining as could have been. We’re extremely satisfied by the progress and won’t need to be refining this scene again until we’ve finished the others, meaning we’ll re-polish everything again (just sound) when we’re ready with a fresh perspective.


Looking really good here!


Our talent cancelled our shoot today due to sickness and we’re rescheduled for next week with a solid date. In fact we’ll have back to back shoot days for that scene and the third talent is in line to do hers when we’re ready. We’re not sure when she will be able to do it but it will be in line with the post production’s completion.